Pain and Symptom Control

Symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, and others can be distressing at the end of life. Learn how they are addressed in hospice care and get strategies you can use for yourself or a loved one.
Man in pain.
How to Recognize and Treat Breakthrough Pain (BTP)
Appetite loss in hospital patient
Loss of Appetite in Life-Threatening Illnesses
Anorexia nervosa patient with a food tray in hospital ward
8 Ways to Treat a Loved One's Loss of Appetite
A cancer patient hugging her granddaughter
What to Ask Your Doctor About Palliative Chemotherapy
doctor talking with a patient in a hospital
Nausea and Vomiting in Palliative Care and Hospice
Senior woman using oxygen tank on the couch
Traveling With Medical Oxygen By Car, Bus, or Airplane
Doctor holding patient's hand in hospital
Hunger and Thirst at the End of Life
A man laying on the couch with stomach pain
Constipation in Chronically Ill Patients
Mixed race woman holding medication pills
How Often Should Pain Medications Be Taken?
Nurse cleaning out chemotherapy infusion port
Palliative Chemotherapy Basics
ECMO machine
How Extracorporeal Life Support (ECMO) Works
Nurse giving a patient morphine through an IV
Morphine: Forms, Use, Side Effects, and Administration
Close-Up Of Doctor Explaining Medicines To Patient At Desk In Hospital
Choosing Methadone Over Morphine
Woman holding man's hand in bed
Palliative Care for Stroke Patients
Cerebrovascular Accident
Palliative Care for Different Types of Stroke
Woman looking at her husband wearing an oxygen mask
How to Manage Dyspnea in Dying Patients
Chronic Neck Pain Sufferer
Current Trends in Chronic Pain Management
Pain rating scale chart
How to Recognize and Assess Pain
Injection in arm
Uses and Side Effects of Demerol Pain Medication