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Common and Rare Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Is something ailing your ears, nose, or throat? That's an ENT doctor's specialty. Learn about the various conditions that can affect these body parts.

Explore ENT Disorders

Man with a sore throat.
Sore Throat: Overview and More
Boy being examined by a doctor for a sore throat.
Sore Throat: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
Little girl having her throat examined.
Sore Throat: Causes and Risk Factors
strep throat causes risk factors
What Is Strep Throat: Overview and More
Asian sick little girl lying in bed with a high fever
Strep Throat: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
Brave little girl opens wide for throat swab at doctor
Causes and Risk Factors of Strep Throat
Woman with strep throat consulting doctor
How Strep Throat Is Treated
Doctor examining young girl
Difficulty Breathing and Intercostal Retracting
Itchy Nose
Itchy Eyes, Nose, Throat and Skin Causes
Chest x-ray
Identifying Lower Respiratory Infections
A woman holding her ear in pain
Understanding Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence
Girl drinking water
How Hiccups Are Treated
A tongue sticking out of a mouth
Swollen Tongue: Causes, Symptoms, and Typical Remedies
doctor examining woman's ear
Causes and Treatment for Ear Drainage
Sialadentitis: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
3D illustration of Larynx Trachea Bronchi
What Is Tracheal Stenosis?
Woman touching her neck
Why Is It Hard to Swallow?
jaw pain
Lockjaw: Overview and More
Man with sinus problem in his home
What Is Concha Bullosa and How Is It Diagnosed?
Patient being checked by doctor for throat pain.
Chronic and Recurrent Tonsillitis: What to Know
Tonsil cross-section showing crypts
What to Do About Cryptic Tonsils
Deaf and blind couple with a service dog.
Usher Syndrome: Vision, Hearing, and Balance Disorder
Senior woman holding chest in pain
Hypercontractile Peristalsis or Jackhammer Esophagus
A father with his daughter who has a cleft lip
What to Know About Stickler Syndrome
Cleft Palate
What Is Pierre Robin Sequence?
Close-Up Of Woman Rubbing Nose Against White Background
Nasal Turbinates: Structure, Function, and Disorders
Woman in bed with hand on her face in pain
Burning Mouth Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment
an older man coughing into a napkin
The Function of Phlegm
What are Symptoms of Swimmer's Ear?
a woman balancing on a rail
What Causes Balance Problems
Acid reflux due to improper closure of sphincter.
Achalasia Is a Motility Disorder of the Esophagus
Man sleeping in his bed
Learn about Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP)
Woman with earache
What Causes a Ruptured Ear Drum?
A woman talking to her doctor about her throat pain
Perforated Esophagus Causes, Signs, and Symptoms
Woman experiencing heartburn.
Causes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Illustration of esophagus
What Is Nutcracker Esophagus (Hypertensive Peristalsis)?
Doctor examining a man.
What Type of Esophagitis Do I Have?
Dentist examining senior female patient teeth
Causes of Halitosis (Bad Breath)
Doctor checking for a throat infection.
What Causes a Swollen Uvula?
Ear Pressure
Plugged Ears and How to Relieve Them
Woman whose ears are ringing
What Is Causing My Ears to Ring?
Woman experiencing dizziness.
7 Things You Didn't Know About Motion Sickness
Woman suffering from an ear ache
Ear Pain: Causes, Treatment, and When to See a Doctor
A woman trying to pop her hers on a plane
What to Do When Your Ears Won't Pop
Child coughing while doctor listens to chest
The 3 Different Types of Cough
Female doctor looking into baby boy's ear
Retracted Ear Drum Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Man performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on a choking woman.
Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Choking
Ear exam
What Causes Hearing Loss?
older woman experiencing Noise pollution
What Causes Ringing in Your Ears as You Age?
Doctor looking in child's ear
Ear Grommets to Drain Excess Fluid
Woman having headache
An Overview of Rhinosinusitis
Women who have succeeded in cosmetic surgery
Symptoms of Nasal Valve Collapse
Ear pain
What Causes an Earache?
Man worried about runny nose.
CSF Rhinorrhea Symptoms and Treatment
Hearing testing
Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Causes and Treatment
Woman with ear pain
Overview of Myringosclerosis and Tympanosclerosis
Young girl with ear ache
Overview of Serous Otitis Media (Fluid in the Ears)
Illustration of the path of sound in the ear
Eustachian Tube: Anatomy, Location, and Function
Woman with jaw pain
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ): Overview and More
kids jumping into lake with floats
Common Recreational Water Illness