Exercise Tips for Bow-Legged People

Bow legs is a condition in which your legs curve outward at the knees and your feet and ankles touch, but there is a gap between your lower legs and knees. If you have bow legs, you may be at higher risk for injuries during high-impact exercise such as running or aerobics. However, you can take measures to not only ensure that exercising is comfortable for you, but that help improve your condition as well.

How to Exercise With Bow Legs

A bow-legged runner is more likely to supinate (the ankles and feet roll out).

Your orthopedic physician or a physical therapist may recommend special shoe inserts or a brace or knee support in addition to a modified exercise program. If you have bow legs and do high-impact activities such as running, you might be a good candidate for an orthotic. 

If you have lower leg pain, you could try cycling or ​swimming as an alternative form of exercise. Lower impact exercise will better preserve your knee health that is already at risk for developing osteoarthritis due to your leg alignment. Balance and flexibility exercise, such as yoga and Pilates, can be beneficial overall.

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