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Kids' Eye Health

Don't let poor vision affect your child's development and performance. Learn how to detect vision problems in kids what you can do to resolve them early on.
child wearing glasses
Getting Your Kid to Wear Glasses
What's that over there?
Types of Toys That Pose Highest Risk for Eye Injury
small child reading
Convergence Insufficiency Symptoms and Treatment
Baby Eye Color
Eye Color Genetics: What Color Eyes Will My Baby Have
girl at eye doctor
Your Child's Eye Exam and Vision Problems
Portrait of a young girl with a lazy eye
Esotropia Causes, Types, and Complications
a doctor examining eye of young girl
Eye Muscle Surgery: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care
Boy in library holding digital tablet
Focus Problems With Children's Vision
Do babies eye color change
Will the Color of Your Baby's Eyes Change?
Your Child's Vision - Signs Your Child Needs Glasses
A newborn's eyes
What to Do About Neonatal Conjunctivitis
smiling baby looking away
What Does a Newborn Baby See?
close-up of cross-eyed baby
Causes and Treatments for Crossed Eyes in Newborns
A girl getting an eye exam at school
Learn About the Vision Screenings at School
Portrait of baby boy
Milestones in Infant Vision Development
An Ishihara Chart for testing color-blindness.
What Does It Look Like to Be Color Blind?
Baby at an eye exam
What to Expect at Baby's First Eye Exam
Mature man applying eye drops into eye
Amblyopia Surgery: Preparation, Recover, Long-Term Care
mother and teenage daughter
Should Your Teen Wear Contacts?
Newborn baby being carried by man
How to Keep Newborn Eyes Healthy
Pars Planitis
Pars Planitis: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments
Girl playing video game
Video Games and Eyestrain
child at eye doctor appointment
When Are Kids Old Enough for Contacts?