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Eye Exams and Procedures

An eye exam is filled with bright lights, letter charts, and puffs of air. Learn how your doctor uses these tests to keep vision clear and eyes healthy.
Slit-lamp examination
Slit-Lamp Exam: Definition, Exam, and Results
Ophthalmologist assesses retinal health
Fluorescein Angiography: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, Results
Amsler grid test for macular degeneration.
Amsler Grid Visual Field Test: Uses, Procedure, Results
Asian senior fatigue man taking off glasses during using smartphone
Low Vision Specialist: Expertise, Specialities, and Appointment Tips
Girl wearing glasses looks at a molecular structure.
Why You May Need a Cycloplegic Refraction
Text Seen Through Eyeglasses Held My Person
Visual Field Test: How It Works and What the Results Mean
an eye doctor using a manual phoropter on a patient
Refraction Tests in Eye Exams
Dilated pupil
Cycloplegic Eye Drop Uses
an eye doctor reviewing a corneal topography map
Corneal Topography
Woman taking eye exam
What Does 20-20 Vision Mean?
An older man receiving an eye exam
Purpose of the Air Puff Test in an Eye Exam
Eye Testing
Finger Counting Visual Confrontation Field Test
close up of the eye
How Doctors Test Pupil Reflexes
a woman taking an eye exam
Visual Acuity Testing or a Vision Exam
A patient being tested for defects in her visual field
How a Visual Field Test Works
Eye doctor consulting with older man
Cataract Surgery: Purpose of Cataract Surgery
view of a city through eyeglass lenses
Nearsighted Vision Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
Male patient's eye with mature cataract, Close-up
Tests to Diagnose a Cataract
The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart's sign hangs above one of its soon to be opened locations September 21, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.
Review of Walmart Vision Center for Eye Exams and Glasses
Intraocular pressure testing for glaucoma
6 Tests for Diagnosing Glaucoma
eye doctor performing exam
Vision Insurance and Eye Exams
Intraocular pressure testing for glaucoma.
How Tonometry Eye Pressure Test Works
eye exam
Why Do Eye Doctors Charge More for Contact Lens Exams?
Close up of a person's blue eye
How the GDx Eye Test for Glaucoma Works
A Doctor performing an Eye Examination
How Doctors Test Your Eye Muscles
Close-up of senior woman's eyes
Second Sight Changes in Vision
A Human Eye
Pachymetry Test for Corneal Thickness
High as a kite Closeup portrait of a young man's face with dilated pupils
Dilation of the Pupil for Eye Examination
eye doctor performing exam
Astigmatism In Both Eyes - Vision Problem
Eye doctor examing the cornea.
Is Corneal Thickness Linked to Glaucoma?
Measuring higher order aberrations of the eye
Signs of Higher-Order Aberrations
Vision Correction - Glasses and Contacts
eye exam
Eye Exam: Uses, Procedure, Results
Senior man having eye exam
Make Sense of Your Medicare Vision Plan
Normal retina
Optomap Dilation-Free Eye Exam
woman talking to eye doctor
The Basics of Farsightedness
Annual eye exam by optometrist
Astigmatism: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Imaging the retina
Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging
Eye doctor examining womans vision
Gallery of Eye Examination Equipment
Image of a retina
Digital Retinal Imaging Eye Test
eye exam
The Best Places for Eye Exams in 2021