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Your eyes are your windows to the world. Learn how to maintain your eye health and what to expect from exams and treatments for common vision problems.
What Is Nyctalopia (Night Blindness)?
Ophthalmologist doctor with the snellen chart
Symptoms of Astigmatism
Watery Eyes: Overview and More
Pink Eye
How Long Is Pink Eye Contagious?
eye floaters
What Causes Eye Floaters?
For What Causes a Stye?
Styes: Causes and Risk Factors
What Is Farsightedness (Hyperopia)?
Viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious.
What You Should Know About Viral Conjunctivitis
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Living With Thyroid Eye Disease
close up of eyes of man and woman
Causes and Risk Factors of Thyroid Eye Disease
woman at eye doctor
How Thyroid Eye Disease Is Diagnosed
Close-up of woman putting in eye drops
How Thyroid Eye Disease Is Treated
Young woman checking her eye in the mirror
Symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease
a woman taking care of her eyes
How Do I Treat My Dry Eyes?
bag under the eye women
Why Are My Eyes Puffy?
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What Are Monolids (Epicanthal Folds)?
What Is Hypertropia?
Human eye
Types of Eye Infections
Close-up of brown eye
What Is the Most Common Eye Color?
For Erythromycin Ointment
What to Know About Erythromycin Eye Ointment
Man having an eye exam at ophthalmologist's office
What Is a Marcus Gunn Pupil?
Detail of a person's eye
Blurry Vision in One Eye
Female patient undergoing laser eye surgery at clinic
Eye Surgery to Correct Vision Problems
Woman at optometrist
What Is the Difference Between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist?
eye and letters
How To Improve Your Eyesight
color blindness test
What Is a Red-Green Color Blind Test?
Man takes photo with phone on rock empire
What Do Color-Blind People See?
Double Vision
What Causes Double Vision?
eyelid pain
What Causes Eyelid Pain?
a woman tired from looking at her laptop
Do Eye Exercises Improve Your Vision?
Young woman applying eye drops
What to Know About Prednisolone Eye Drops
halos around lights
What Causes Halos Around Lights?
a man looking a computer
Do Blue Light Glasses Work?
How Long Does Lasik Surgery Last?
How Long Does LASIK Surgery Last?
optician testing eyesight
How To Test for Depth Perception
man with hordeolum ill eye
How Long Does a Stye Last?
Applying eye ointment to the inside of the lower lid
How to Use Antibiotic Eye Ointments
woman putting eye drops in her eyes
Can I Use Neosporin for My Eye Infection?
An ophthalmologist performs an eye exam
How To Get Rid of Eye Floaters
Images show what to expect during an eye exam.
What is an Optometrist?
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What Is the Rarest Eye Color?
Man takes Durezol eyedrop to soothe pain, redness and swelling.
What to Know About Durezol Eye Drops
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The 8 Best Places to Buy Glasses Online in 2021
An Overview of Coloboma
At optician's office.
A Retinal Tear Can Cause a Retinal Detachment
Examing eyes
What to Know About Rhythmic Eye Jerking in Nystagmus
A Baby and her doctor
Aniridia—A Genetic Eye Disorder Affecting the Iris
Woman putting cleaning dilution into contact lens case
The 10 Best Contact Lens Solutions of 2021
Woman talking with eye doctor
What Your Blind Spot Really Is
A close-up of an older man's eyes.
Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Doctor examining man's eyes
How Epiretinal Membrane Can Affect Your Vision
Young man, close-up (focus on eye)
Eye Movement Disorders of the Eyes
Woman getting cornea examined at doctor
How Corneal Haze Can Affect Your Vision
Do Your Eyes Have Emmetropia?
Tunnel vision
Learn All About Tunnel Vision
Doctor looking at patient through glasses
The Grey Ring in Your Eye May Be Arcus Senilis
Yellow Eyes
Why Are Your Eyes Discolored or Yellow?
Optician looking into patients eyes at small business opticians
Papilledema: Swelling Behind the Eye
eye glasses
Learn What It Means to Have 20/20 Vision
A bridge beginning close and ending at a distance
Discover How Depth Perception Works