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Questions About STD Symptoms

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STD Prevention

  • What is Asymptomatic Shedding?
    • Often people think that if they don't show signs of being infected with herpes, or another STD, they can't transmit it to their partner. They're wrong.
  • Can Fingering Give me an STD? A lot of people want to know whether fingering can transmit disease. It's hard to give them a concrete answer.
  • Is it Possible to Have a Risk Free One-Night Stand?
    • People often ask me if it's possible to have a risk-free one night stand or completely safe casual sex. The truth is that no sex is completely risk free, but you can make casual sex pretty safe if you choose your risks.  The answer is yes, although I freely admit that it isn't always easy.
  • What is Contact Tracing?
    • The nice thing about STDs is that you generally have a pretty good idea who you got them from and who you might have given them to. Contact tracing is a tool that allows doctors to try and stamp out STDs by investigating sexual networks.
  • How Do STDs Increase HIV Risk?
  • It's bad enough that you have a sexually transmitted disease, but did you know that most STDs also increase your risk of getting HIV? Learn how STD infections make it easier for HIV to get under your skin.

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