Pregnancy and Thyroid Disease Information Center

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If you're dealing with thyroid disease and also pregnant, you may have a lot of questions about how to manage your disorder while having a safe pregnancy. Use these articles to learn more about how thyroid disease might affect your pregnancy, and, of course, speak with your doctors about any concerns you have.

Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy

Looking for something that lays out the basic information and considerations? Start with this article.

Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy

Learn more about how hypothyroidism might impact your pregnancy if untreated and how your medication might need adjusted in the first trimester.

Graves' Disease/Hyperthyroidism and Pregnancy

Do you have Grave's Disease or hyperthyroidism? These articles will help you learn more about how this might affect your pregnancy and how it can be treated.

Postpartum Thyroid Disease/Thyroiditis

Postpartum thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid that initially occurs in the first year after childbirth, miscarriage, or induced abortion. Learn more about this condition.

Breastfeeding and Thyroid Disease

Congratulations on your new baby! If you're wondering how your thyroid condition and medications will affect breastfeeding, these articles might help answer your questions.

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