Finding Thyroid Support Groups Online

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If you have a chronic health condition like thyroid disease, an online support group may be especially helpful to you as part of your journey to wellness. You'll find a great deal of information about thyroid disease online. Sorting through all the information and options can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you are new to thyroid disease.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had a thyroid condition for years, you may find that participating in an online support group is an important part of your overall approach to wellness. You'll find many online communities that are dedicated to supporting people with thyroid conditions, where people share information and experiences.

Benefits of Online Thyroid Support Groups

Online support groups have a number of benefits:

  • Emotional support
  • Social support
  • Access to more information
  • A better understanding of your health condition
  • Greater confidence and sense of control when you interact with your health care team
  • Ability to discuss difficult or embarrassing topics
  • Accessibility to others without physical demands
  • Unlimited number of connections, including around the world
  • Ability to draw from a wider variety of perspectives

In online support groups, thyroid patients share notes on doctors, talk about tests and treatments, discuss their medications, compare symptoms, offer their own experiences and solutions, and more. Many experienced patients volunteer in these support venues, helping their fellow thyroid patients who are having a difficult time finding answers to questions, or who are feeling alone in their search for information.

Online support groups also allow members a much-needed opportunity to vent their frustrations, and to give—and get in return—information, support, and compassionate understanding.

Where to Find Online Thyroid Support Groups

If you're interested in giving and receiving thyroid support online, there are a number of places you can start.

  • Real Life With Thyroid Disease: This Verywell Facebook community shares expert articles and an unfiltered view of living with thyroid disease. Join this group to share your own story and connect with other patients who really understand what you're feeling on a daily basis.
  • Mary Shomon: Thyroid Patient, Advocate, Author: This is my own thyroid support group on Facebook. Join the regulars who participate, share, and contribute. Post your own question, and get responses from other thyroid patients and advocates, or engage with posts started by other members.
  • Thyroid Diet: This is my other Facebook group that talks about everything related to diet, nutrition, weight loss, metabolism, exercise, and fitness for people living with thyroid disease.

Message Boards and Email Groups

Some people prefer a listserv email group format for support, while others like to use discussion groups or message boards. Here are a few that are available: