First Aid Band-Aid

First Aid for Bruises, Cuts, and Punctures

Whether it's a scrape from the playground a cut from a kitchen knife or something worse, knowing how to properly treat a cut, puncture, or bruise can help you heal faster and prevent infection.
Applying a band-aid
How to Treat a Cut on Your Finger
A woman massaging her jammed finger
Treating a Jammed Finger
a chef accidentally cuts her finger while preparing food.
How to Treat Accidental Knife Cuts in the Kitchen
A young male doctor with blue medical gloves is holding a medicine bottle and syringe
What to Do If You Experience a Sharps Injury
Bandaged finger
Super Glue for Minor Cuts and Scrapes
Toddler Holds Foot and Toes after Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
Rug Burns Overview: Symptoms, Severity, Treatment
Treating chemical burns
Chemical Burns: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment
foot pain
Blood Blisters: An Overview
People with home safety concept
When You Should See a Doctor for an Infected Cut
emergency room
How to Treat an Avulsion or Degloving
patient in the emergency room with signs of internal bleeding
Internal Bleeding: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
woman in martial arts gi holding ice pack up to her eye
The Best Treatment Tips for a Black Eye
Boy with splinter in his hand
How to Safely Remove a Splinter
Use of gauze on knee
Is It Pressure or Gauze That Stops Bleeding?
package with blood for transfusion
Hemorrhage Types and Treatment
Girl with a bruised knee
Treating a Minor Bruise
CHICAGO - JUNE 26: Pfizer's Neosporin is displayed on a shelf at a Walgreens store June 26, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.
Should You Use Neosporin on a Cut?
Bullets forming a spiral shape
How to Properly Treat a Gunshot Wound
Bandaid on arm
How to Properly Treat a Laceration
Strong bruised shin - yellow large hematoma on the shin - footballer injury
Hematoma: Overview and More
Bandaging finger
First Aid Treatment for a Puncture Wound
Dad putting bandaid on child's arm
Treating Minor Cuts and Scrapes
EMTs working on a patient
Types of Chest Trauma and Injuries