Preparing for Emergencies

Emergencies require quick and thoughtful action. From fires to floods and more, prepare yourself for what hopefully never comes and learn what you need to do to stay safe in the moment.
Close-Up Of Woman Cooking
An Overview of Steam Burns
cpr class
Are You Ready to Do CPR?
People on a Flooded Highway
5 Health Threats and Epidemics After Natural Disasters
Female doctor checking patient's neck
The 3 Skin Signs for Evaluating Patients
Man laying on the ground in cardiac arrest
The 5 Signs of Irreversible Death
Social aid for elderly person Senior woman with her carer.
How to Pick the Appropriate Medications for Your First Aid Kits
Little girl on phone
8 Safety and First Aid Tips for Kids
Empty red emergency box with broken glass
Learn About Who Comes When You Call 911 and What They Need From You
Man cutting bandaid for bleeding friend
Home Treatment for the 9 Most Common Minor Injuries and Conditions
Low Section Of Paramedic Examining Cpr Dummy
Step-by-Step Guide to Rescue Breathing
hospital worker putting on face mask
How to Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Rescuer Safety
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Tsunami Preparation Tips and What You Need to Know to Survive
Paramedics wheeling patient into hospital
Where Will Paramedics Look to Find Your Info in an Emergency?
CPR mask on dummy
Best Mask for CPR? Probably Nothing at All
woman doing CPR on a man
Should You Perform CPR on an Unconscious Person Who Is Gasping?
woman doing CPR on a man
Pumping Is Always Better Than Blowing in CPR
First Aid Kit
First Aid Supplies You Can't Take on a Plane
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You'll Be Surprised How Much Water You Really Need During a Disaster
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How You Can Save Your Life If Your Clothes Catch Fire
Training for infants who need CPR
Learn What Steps to Quickly Take When an Infant Is Choking
industrial first aid kit
OSHA Compliance Requirements for First Aid in the Workplace
Woman on ladder testing smoke detector on ceiling
Learn Why Your Smoke Alarm Is Making a Chirping Sound
emergency medical staff wheeling patient into hospital
How to Recognize a Medical Emergency
Cropped image of businesswoman holding injection pen while sitting at office desk
What Are the Real First Aid Skills?
cpr class
How to Do 'Hands-Only' CPR for Cardiac Arrest
First aid exercise of applying touriquet
When and How to Use a Tourniquet
Medical alert bracelet
Is Medical ID Jewelry Helpful in an Emergency?
Young girl performing cpr
Discover If Kids Are Capable of Doing CPR
Wake the Victim
The ABCs of First Aid Everyone Should Know
Young Woman Giving Cpr To Friend On Field
What to Do If the Chest Doesn't Rise During CPR
Mid adult pregnant woman is touching her stomach
Would You Know What to Do If You Had to Deliver a Baby?
Woman bandaging daughters finger from home first aid kit
What Should You Keep in Your First Aid Kit?
Rescuer performing child CPR with one hand on a practice dummy
How Is CPR Performed on a Child?
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Your Testicle Pain May Be From a Serious Condition
First aid supplies
Seniors May Require Different Supplies in Their First Aid Kits
The 7 Best First Aid Kits of 2022
The 8 Best First Aid Kits of 2022