Fit Kit Custom Condoms Allow You to Pick Your Size

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If you think about it, it's actually slightly ridiculous that condoms come in such a small size range. It's true that latex is very stretchy. In fact, you can pull a standard condom over a combat boot (at least if you're careful about it). However, penises come in a wide range of sizes, so there's no reason that there shouldn't be a range of condom sizes, too. Although several companies do make extra-large condoms or small condoms, the actual size range isn't usually all that big. The idea behind FitKit/TheyFit condoms, MyONE condoms, and other custom sized condoms is that men will be happier if they can choose a condom sized to fit them. It seems to be true.

How You Measure

Stores that sell FitKit or MyOne condoms have a downloadable .pdf measuring chart. It's designed for men to print out to determine their proper custom condom size. Men print out the chart, cut out the pieces they need, and then use them to measure the length and girth of their erect penis. Men can also order a free measuring "FitKit" from TheyFit directly. It's also possible to print one directly at MyOne, if you're ordering in the U.S. (MyOne is the U.S. affiliate of TheyFit.)

The makers of custom condoms have made a very smart choice to de-link product numbers from penis size. The numbering scheme is sensible. Still, it's not easy to look at the condom that someone has in their pocket and determine whether they are "large" or "small." That removes men's fear about being judged on the basis of their condom size.

The updated TheyFit packages also give men the information they need to easily size up or down in either width and length for future purchases, in case their original measurements were not precise.

Why Custom Condom Sizes May Promote Safe Sex

There are two reasons why custom sized condoms might make sex safer for the people who have access to them. The first being that condoms that fit well are less likely to slip off or tear. Therefore custom-fit condoms should, theoretically, have lower failure rates than similar quality condoms that are made in one standard size. The second reason is that condoms that fit properly are more comfortable. When a condom is more comfortable, it's more likely to get used. Men who have found a condom that fits, and that they like, are a lot less likely to resent using it for safer sex.

Are They As Safe as Other Condoms

In theory, well-made latex condoms in custom sizes should be at least as effective as well made latex condoms in standard sizes. That said, there may be questions about individual manufactures. There is at least one other "custom size" condom brand - MY.SIZE - but the range of available widths is much smaller than for TheyFit/MyOne and each width only comes in one length.

Availability & Price

Although TheyFit/FitKit condoms are theoretically available online, they can be extremely difficult to find. Now that MyOne condoms are available in the U.S., it should be easier to acquire custom condoms.

Custom condom prices are generally slightly higher than other latex condoms. Prices for custom condoms are, however, lower than polyurethane alternatives.

Are Custom Condoms Necessary

Realistically speaking, standard-sized condoms can be used safely by most men. However, custom fit condoms may improve comfort and reduce the risk of slippage or breakage. These are things that can be problematic for men with particularly small or large penises, respectively. There are other condom brands that give consumers options for custom sizes, but they generally only have a small range of size options. That having been said, it would be fascinating to see how much variation is actually used in the TheyFit/MyOne manufacturing process. I'd love to know how differences in condom dimension really relate to variability in penis size.

A Man's Perspective

A friend of mine is a big fan of FitKit Condoms, and this is what he had to say about them:

"I am a huge fan of [TheyFit], as I have found that, for me, no other condom fits as well or feels as good... I can't tell you anything about MY.SIZE aside from the general affirmation that nothing compares to a well-fitting condom, especially if you're at the wider extreme of the bell curve"

My friend also took the opportunity to bemoan the fact that he can no longer find FitKit condoms in the U.S. and tell me that he's been hoarding his supply hoping that new batches will become available before the last one expires.

In Summary

Custom condoms are a great idea - particularly for men whose penis girth is significantly smaller or larger than average. A well-fitted condom can make sex both safer and more enjoyable for men, who really appreciate a good range of condom sizes.

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