5 Ways to Spice up Your Safe Sex for Valentines Day

Valentine's day is coming up. It's the time of year where all is fair in love and romance. Unfortunately, it's also the time of year when people throw away precautions in the name of love. That's a bad idea because safe sex can be hot sex, and ​VD doesn't only stand for Valentine's Day.


Try a Flavor More Colorful Than Vanilla

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Not all sex involves intercourse or even oral sex. 50 Shades of Grey has inspired a number of people to explore elements of BDSM in their sex lives. Bondage, spanking, and other similar activities can be quite enjoyable and safe to try, as long as they're done intelligently and thoughtfully. That means always having safety scissors nearby to get people out of bondage, never hitting anyone over their kidneys, and following other, similar rules.  Then, once safety is established, there's a bonus to trying something new in your bedroom. Many kinky explorations have little to no risk of transmitting an STD.


Savor Oral Sex in a Whole New Way

Safe oral sex can be incredibly hot, but it isn't always full of flavor. Fortunately, that's why there are flavored condoms and lubricants. You can also experiment with romantic food flavors like chocolate and whipped cream. However, be careful not to insert anything sugary into a woman's vagina or anyone's rectum. You might end up leaving them with some unpleasant consequences, like a yeast infection.


Experiment With Some New Supplies

Whether you're into the exciting buzz of a vibrating condom, the novel feel of a textured condom, or the beautiful shade of a colored condom the perfect red color for the day of love, practicing safe sex can be a feast for all your senses. Just make certain any condoms you're using for anal or vaginal sex are meant for that purpose, and aren't just novelty items.


Explore the Sense-sational

Sex should be an experience for all five senses. Touch, taste, sight, sound, and even smell. There are plenty of ways to bring in all of the senses into your Valentine's day date. You can touch each other's bodies, or feel the slide of silk against your skin. You can taste your partner's lips, share a sip of champagne, or eroticize the taste of latex in your mouth. You can look at your partner's beauty in clothing, lingerie, or nothing at all. You can play music that feels romantic or erotic, ​whisper in each other's ears, and try something to elicit quick breaths or a moan. You can take a bubble bath together, light scented candles, and try a new aftershave or perfume.

Use the holiday as an excuse to try something romantic and new. Play with a sense you haven't explored lately in the bedroom. It could make the night a sensation.


Remember to Have the Time of Your Life

However you spend Valentine's day with your partner, remember that you're spending the day together because they are who you have chosen to be with. Although I spend a lot of time talking about safe sex, and hot sex, it's also important to have joyful sex, where you embrace not just your partner but the fact that you are with your partner. Through various forms of intimacy, you have the chance to bring happiness to someone you adore. That means checking in about your dreams, your desires, and your fantasies. It means laughing at the fun and the funny, and listening when you talk about your fears as well as your needs.

Celebrate Safe Sex as an Expression of Endless Love

Many people treat "safe sex" as something that they eventually grow past in a relationship. However, protecting yourself and your partner can also be seen as a form of intimacy and caring that lasts for the long term. It's how you show them, every time you touch them, that you are focused on both their pleasure and their well-being.

Is the long-term practice of safe sex necessary for everyone? Not always, if you're mutually monogamous, have tested negative for any STDs you're concerned about, and have no concerns about contraception. However, necessary isn't the only reason to practice safer sex. It can also provide emotional security, a feeling of connection, and a reason to continue the conversation about how you choose to express your love.

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