The 4 Best Foot Warmers for People With Arthritis of 2020

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The Arthritis Foundation recommends heat therapy as a fast and easy way to relieve joint pain. While a simple heating pad might do the trick, they suggest finding a product that can surround the affected area for more complete and lasting relief. When it comes to arthritis of the ankles and feet, foot warmers could very well be the solution you've been looking for.

Whether to soothe aching soles after a long day on your feet or to reduce pain and inflammation while at work, these products have become increasingly popular among people with arthritis and other circulatory or joint disorders. Here are five great options that are effective, well-priced, and easy-to-use.

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Genuine Foot Furnace Bed Slippers

Foot Furnace slippers

Genuine Foot Furnace Bed Slippers are cleverly designed, insulated booties you can wear at night to relieve foot pain caused by arthritis, diabetes, or fibromyalgia.

The slippers require no batteries and don't need to be plugged in; rather, they work by generating and retaining heat from the feet themselves. The extra-soft, duck down lining is gentle on your feet and loose enough so that you can wear socks inside.

Genuine Foot Furnace Bed Slippers are a washable, one-size-fits-all solution that is decidedly low-tech but offers surprising warmth and comfort for people with persistent or intractable foot pain.


Grabber Foot Warmers

Foot Warmers

Grabber Foot Warmers are thin but comfortable shoe inserts that provide instant heat relief for more than five hours. The product begins to work the moment it is exposed to air and utilizes ingredients that are non-toxic, all natural, and non-combustible. The chemicals—iron powder, vermiculite, cellulose, charcoal, and salt—react in the presence of oxygen are commonly found in all types of camping and survival products.

Grabber Foot Warmers are sold 30 to a pack and are the perfect solution for people who have to work outdoors in cold weather. The activated insoles provide consistent 95-degree temperatures to relieve aches and pains from ​tendonitis, ​plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other foot disorders.

One helpful tip: to ensure the insoles fit snugly in your shoe, you may want to purchase a slightly larger size.


ObboMed Carbon Fiber Warming Booties

ObboMed Carbon Fiber Warming Booties

If you'd rather have a little more mobility than Dr. Scholl's massager allows, you may want to take a look at the Obbomed warming booties. These cozy, zippered booties can be heated up in advance and then tugged onto your feet for several hours of heat relief.

The inner lining is made of carbon fiber which reportedly has better heat retention properties. The booties are powered by a five-volt, low-voltage USB outlet which means you can even use your laptop as a power source. They take around 15 minutes to fully heat up and reach a temperature of up to 109 degrees.

The ObboMed Warming Booties are actually something you can wear around the house without looking like you've donned an orthopedic medical device. They come in a dark grey color with a velour exterior and thick fleece lining. The booties are not machine washable but can be easily cleaned with a light sponging of Woolite.


Serta Ultra-Plush Electric Foot Warmer

Serta Ultra-Plush Electric Foot Warmer

Leave it to Serta, the bed mattress people, to create a soft and simple way to warm your feet while watching TV with your better half. This spacious, 36-inch by 20-inch electric pad is large enough to accommodate two pairs of feet and can even be laid flat at the end of your bed in place of a traditional hot water bottle.

Made of an ultra-plush, 100% polyester fleece, the Serta electric foot warmer has four temperature settings to provide the right level of heat relief for people with poor circulation, arthritis, or diabetic neuropathy.

The external covering is machine washable and comes with an 8.5-foot power cord. Like all Serta products, the Ultra-Plush Electric Foot Warmer has a manufacturer's one-year guarantee.

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