Review of Boogie Mist Nasal Spray for Kids

If you are the parent of young children, you have been bombarded by a countless number of products that are supposed to help you raise your child. The myriad of choices is increasing every day and it can often be difficult to decide what you “need” and what you don’t.

Mom Cleans Baby's Nose With Blower and Saline Nasal Spray
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Nowhere is this more apparent than in the pharmacy aisle. In our quest to find a balance between providing our children relief when they are sick and avoiding medications that have unfavorable side effects, there is a huge boom in the “natural and medication-free” market. One such product comes to us from the makers of the popular Boogie Wipes.

This product is called Boogie Mist. It is a kid-friendly packaging and version of nasal saline spray to help relieve congestion in children’s nasal passages.​

Boogie Mist has a scented nozzle (they call it a “Schnozzle”) that is intended to ease the sometimes difficult task of getting kids to cooperate with squirting something up their nose. It’s available in fresh scent or unscented.

Is It Safe?

Because it contains only saline and not any medication, it is considered safe for children. Healthcare providers often recommend the use of saline nose drops and saline spray for children with congestion to help rinse out or thin the extra mucus in the nasal passages so it will be easier for them to breathe.

This product is unique because of its scented nozzle but is otherwise not any more or less effective than other types of saline spray for kids.

Is It Worth the Money?

The price is in line with other saline spray products available, so it could be worth trying if your child is averse to other nasal saline sprays or drops.

Saline sprays are a great way to help kids get relief from congestion and allergies without giving them medication that causes side effects. That being said, convincing them of the benefits of squirting saline up their noses is another story. Any product that can help make that task a little easier is great.

Boogie Mist is gentle and easy to use. As long as you can get the nozzle to your child’s nose, she should be able to tolerate it without too much fuss. It’s widely available at grocery stores, pharmacies, and online, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find in the United States. Saline sprays are great to have on hand anytime someone in your house gets congested.

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By Kristina Duda, RN
Kristina Duda, BSN, RN, CPN, has been working in healthcare since 2002. She specializes in pediatrics and disease and infection prevention.