Broken wrist in cast

Fractures and Broken Bones

If you break a bone, the treatment you receive will depend on its location and severity. Learn about surgery, what to expect from recovery and using casts and crutches.
Skull with nasal bone with fracture
How Serious Are Facial Fractures?
Doctor looking at x-ray
What to Expect If You Have a Broken Shin Bone
Man holding ankle
3 Common Types of Fibula Fractures
girl with cast sitting on sofa
How Does It Feel When a Broken Bone is Healing?
Doctor showing a patient where the patella is
Learn the Scary Facts About Kneecap Fractures
fibula ankle bone
Lateral Malleolus Fracture Symptoms and Treatment
Boxer with scubs on knuckles, close up, mid section, studio shot
How to Get Better With Therapy After Your Boxer's Fracture
Male doctor examining boy with cast on foot
How a Salter-Harris Fracture Affect Growth in Children
senior man with broken shoulder in sling reviewing files with woman
Different Bones of Your Shoulder Can Be Fractured
Doctor reviewing an X-ray
Learn How to Understand a Bone Fracture X-Ray Report
A girl getting her cast removed with a cast saw
How a Cast Is Safely Removed
physical therapist assessing ankle mobility on patient
The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Fracture Hardware Removal
A man holding his thigh in pain.
Causes and Treatment of a Femur Fracture (Broken Thigh Bone)
Soccer player in pain and holding his knee
How to Know If Your Knee Is Dislocated
forearm fracture
These Are the 3 Types of Broken Forearms
Avulsion fracture Is an Injury to the Bone Attached to a Ligament
Anatomy of a foot
Heel Bone Injuries From Severe Trauma
A woman holding her ankle which is in chronic pain
Explore What Talus Fractures Are and Why They Occur
Man with a broken arm
What Are Pathologic Fractures and Why Do They Occur?
x-ray image of bone fracture at 5th Metatarsal left foot
When to See a Practitioner About Jones Fracture of the Foot
Elbow bone colored x-ray
Olecranon Fracture of an Ulna at the Elbow Joint
child fracture
Does Your Child Have a Bone Fracture You Don't Know About?
man with leg pain
How the Subluxation of a Joint Is Treated
This patient had a metal rod (intramedually rod) placed within her broken tibia to realign the bone and hold the tibia fracture in position.
Should You Have Metal Implants Removed After Surgery?
doctor and nurse treating boy's arm in hospital.
The Process of Resetting a Broken Bone Is Called Fracture Reduction
Broken arm
Fracture vs. Break: Is One Worse Than the Other?
hip pain
How Are Acetabular Fractures Treated?
electric stim
Can Electric Stimulation Accelerate Fracture Healing?
Little girl with an arm cast
How Is a Cast Made for Treatment of a Broken Bone?
soccer foot injury
Lisfranc Injury to the Midfoot May Need Surgery as a Treatment
Close-Up Of Young Man Smoking Outdoors
Can Cigarettes Affect Your Bones?
Woman doing physical therapy with trainer
How to Get Back to Normal After an Elbow Fracture
Low Section Of Woman Walking With Cane On Footpath
In Which Hand Should You Hold Your Cane?
Technologist performing ultrasound on patient
Does Ultrasound Help to Speed Bone Healing?
a man holding his elbow and grimacing in pain
Radial Head Elbow Fracture: Symptoms and Treatment
ankle injury
Treatments of Fractures on Both the Inner and Outer Side of the Ankle
Broken Bones Fracture Osteoporosis Osteopenia
Are Intramedullary Rods Effective for All Fractures?
Woman running
When Can I Start Running After an Ankle Fracture?
Multiple myeloma can lead to bone fractures.
Can a Magnet Help Bone Heal More Quickly?
How to Deal With Painful Broken Ribs
A runner with chronic foot pain
This Fracture Is a Source of Midfoot Pain in Runners
Doctor explaining imaging of spine to a patient
Insufficiency Fractures: Types, Causes, and Treatment
forearm fracture
Treatment of Open Fractures Requires These Considerations
Photo of a doctor examining a foot.
What Is a Lisfranc Fracture and How Can PT Help?
photo of woman with elbow pain working with her PT.
Common Fractures of the Arm, Elbow, and Wrist That Your PT Can Treat
doctor holding child's foot in a cast
How to Know If Something Is Wrong With Your Cast
Why Open Fractures Commonly Require Surgery
Doctor examining senior mans knee in examination room
Fractures of the Knee Joint Can Cause Severe Arthritis
Woman with trauma
Kirschner Wire Is Used in Surgery to Hold Broken Bones
Broken Shin Bone? Here's What You Should Know
Femoral neck.
What to Do When You Break the Ball of the Ball-and-Socket Hip Joint
A seated man winces while touching his ribs.
How to Treat a Broken Rib
Fractured ankle
What Are the Most Common Types of Ankle Fractures?
An x-ray of a closed fracture
How to Treat a Broken Bone That Does Not Penetrate Skin
Women sitting in a canoe rowing
Why Rowers and Dancers Might Be Prone to Rib Stress Fractures
Photo of an elderly woman falling down.
7 Possible Problems From a FOOSH Injury
Physical therapist helps older man's range of motion for elbow
How Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Radial Head Fractures of the Elbow
A patient with a fracture of the shaft of the humerus bone.
The 3 Ways You Can Break Your Humerus
Boy sitting in the grass with a neon green cast on his arm
What to Do About a Smelly Cast
plastic bag
4 Ways to Keep Your Cast Dry