FrameWRX Modular Pharmacy Storage for Space and Efficiency Challenges

Is your pharmacy staff forced to work in a tight space?

A crowded pharmacy storage area.
A crowded pharmacy storage area. Echo/Getty Images

Pharmacies are always short on space and there are storage solutions available that can help with this problem. Spacesaver's "FrameWRX HD" is one of those solutions that makes the pharmacy workspace more adaptable and efficient.

There's Just No Space!

I don't think I have ever set foot in a pharmacy that had "ample room." I have also never had a conversation with a pharmacist or tech about what to do with all of the extra space they have.

In fact, I am always amazed at the tight spaces in which pharmacists and pharmacy techs have been storing and preparing prescriptions.

Pharmacists also want to change their layouts in order to improve workflow or enlarge working space. With a fixed, built-in casework system, the potential for change becomes very expensive, if not impossible.

Spacesaver's "FrameWRX HD" is a modular option designed to help maximize storage density, thereby opening up more space for the pharmacy staff to circulate. It inexpensively and quickly allows pharmacy leaders to change their space plan to incorporate new process improvements.

FrameWRX HD (High Density) by Spacesaver

A modular shelving system, FrameWRX HD by Spacesaver enables pharmacy leaders, designers, and space planners to create a workflow and storage system that can grow and respond to changing staff needs.

Flexible Components

Modular pharmacy systems are interchangeable kits. It includes proprietary frames and end panels and a system of slotted brackets.

The brackets can accept cantilevered shelves, cabinets, and work surfaces. These components can be set at varying heights, often in one-inch increments.

This modularity gives great flexibility when designing the space for staff comfort and efficiency. Work surfaces can be set at a height for staff to work standing up or sitting down. The staff can make these adjustments depending on the work at hand.

The same benefit goes for the shelving. Storage shelves can be set at the height most appropriate for the work and for how the staff member will be doing the work.

This furniture system adapts to the person rather than the person adapting to the furniture.

The shelves can be open flat shelves or they can be storage bins. The storage bins help keep smaller quantities, such as bottles and blister packs organized so that they are more easily retrievable by staff.

In the FrameWRX system, the storage bins themselves can hang directly on what Spacesaver calls their "EZ Rail Element." The bins hang on the rail and can be moved by staff as they wish.

The bins can also be hung so that they are slightly tipped down toward the user, which is called a "gravity-fed" position. The gravity-fed position forces the stock in the bin to flow to the front of the bin whenever a staff member removes an item from the bin.


The shelves and frames are made of steel. The bins are made of plastic. The end panels can be steel, laminate, or acrylic.

Acrylic helps the staff see through the end panel, making it easy to keep an eye on stock levels and find items quickly. The see-through feature may even save staff from bumping into each other as they hustle around corners and aisles.

There are color choices for all of these materials. The work surfaces can be a laminate or a non-porous material.

Additional Design Features to Maximize Efficiency

  • Pass-through shelving applications.
  • Integrated mobile carts for transport and delivery (more about cart uses).
  • More accessories that can hang from the EZ Rail.
  • Work surfaces on glides that can retract for the user then pushed back for safe storage.
  • Rolling frames that work like typical high-density filing and storage systems. Frames full of bins can be stored in front of each other and moved aside easily when staff needs to access an item behind the front rack
  • Handles are built into the frames so staff can easily and smoothly move the mobile frames that are mounted on the track system
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