Promote Good Dental Hygiene With Teeth Brushing Charts

Many kids have a tough time remembering to brush and floss their teeth twice daily. It's important to start teaching kids healthy dental hygiene habits from a young age. Having good habits early on will set them on track for a lifetime of good habits.

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A toothbrushing chart is such a fun way to help kids remember to brush and floss their teeth every day. It also gives you a bit of reassurance knowing that this important daily task isn't be forgotten. The chart works just like a chore chart, which you might already have in place.

The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

Your child's dental future is determined during the first few years of their life. Several studies have found that children who have established a poor diet and bad brushing habits by the time they are 2 years old lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay in primary teeth increases the risk of decay in permanent teeth.

Good oral health generally leads to good overall health, so start teaching the importance of proper oral hygiene skills early on. As a parent, you are your child's first role model. Present toothbrushing as a twice-daily ritual and explain the importance of maintaining a proper routine.

Supervise brushing, even if your child can wield a toothbrush. Although kids might be able to mimic the motions of brushing teeth, they typically can't brush their teeth on their own effectively until after they are about 5 years old. Continue to supervise twice-daily brushing and flossing to make sure they're doing a proper job.

As more permanent teeth begin to appear over time, it becomes even more important to practice good oral hygiene. The combination of primary and permanent teeth, loose teeth, gaps, and new teeth makes brushing a bit more difficult and poses an increased risk of tooth decay. All of these changes make it even more important for your child to practice good oral hygiene.

Free Toothbrushing Charts

If your child has a hard time remembering to brush their teeth on their own, use a toothbrushing chart to encourage the healthy habit. Your child will be eager to brush in no time. Here are free toothbrushing charts:

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