Ergonomic and Adaptive Gardening Tools

Do you or someone you care for enjoy gardening? Maybe you have shied away from gardening because it is too difficult to get down on your knees, or perhaps gardening from a wheelchair is too difficult. Maybe your loved one has difficulty holding gardening tools or moving plants or soil from one point in the garden to another. Luckily, there are many companies that have realized that there is a market for adaptive gardening tools and supplies. The following is a list of some of the best adaptive gardening tools for ​gardeners with disabilities. Sometimes all it takes for a person with a disability to easily enjoy an old hobby or find a new one is finding the right tools.


Easi-Grip Tools

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Easi-Grip Tools are ergonomically designed adaptive gardening tools that are manufactured in the UK by PETA, Ltd. By keeping the hand and wrist at a natural angle, these tools eliminate the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools. The green “soft-feel” grips also have a non-slip waterproof finish making the tools easy to grip even if you have wet hands. PETA makes several adaptive gardening tools like trowels, forks, cultivators, weeders, and hoes. The company also makes a variety of long reach tools as well as an add-on handle and arm support cuff.


Tetra Society Wheelchair Flower Arranging Tray

The Tetra Society of North America utilizes the skills of volunteers to create custom assistive devices for the disabled. Some of their creations include the wheelchair flower arranging tray, garden stool, garden gate, gate opener, and garden sprinkler system, among others.

Disabled individuals or their caregivers are welcome to request assistance with creating an adaptive device for gardening or other activity. Tetra’s services are offered at no charge, but clients are encouraged to make a contribution toward materials and other expenses if they are able.


Vertex Easy-Up ATV

Vertex manufacturers a rolling garden storage seat they call the Easy-Up ATV. The storage seat is not limited to gardeners with disabilities but can provide easy storage and a comfortable seat to any gardener. The seat is known for its oversized padded seat, sturdy handle, and 10-inch wheels which can easily roll over grass or dirt.


Fiskars Bypass Pruner

The Fiskars PowerGear Pruner is known specifically for its unique gear design that maximizes leverage to reduce the cutting effort and its rotating handle that minimizes strain and fatigue. The pruner is so well-known for its design that it was awarded the ease-of-use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. As an added bonus, the pruner carries a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


Corona Tools Extendable Handle Cultivator

Corona Tools manufactures a number of tools that are useful for gardeners with disabilities. Of these tools, several are extendable models, such as the Extendable Handle Cultivator, Weeder, and 3-Tine Hoe making otherwise hard to reach areas accessible.

The tools are all well-made. The Extendable Handle Cultivator, for instance, has a strong and lightweight steel handle and comfortable textured grip. In addition to their extendable models, Corona Tools also manufactures eGrip ergonomic gardening tools and adaptive gardening tools.


Elevated Raised Beds

Elevated raised beds are useful for individuals who cannot easily kneel or easily bend or are wheelchair-bound. These raised flower beds are an attractive alternative, and they may be placed in a variety of places including patios, porches, or a typical garden area.

Raised beds come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. They may be made of different types of wood or even molded plastic. In addition, they may be fitted with hose soaker systems, zippered shelters, or pest barriers. They can even be designed for use as a cold frame.


Push-Button Multi Watering Wand

A watering wand can be a great asset when tending raised beds, hanging planters, or plants that are in the back of a landscaped area or are just out of reach. Many water wands are now made of lightweight materials with cushioned grips, as with the Push-Button Multi Watering Wand by Gardener's.

If the weight of certain tools is a problem (as with individuals with manual dexterity or rheumatoid arthritis), consider buying a slim, lightweight traditional hose or one of the new expandable hoses that are easy to carry and store.

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