Getting Peak Performances From Your Medical Employees

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As the leader of your medical organization, one of your many responsibilities is to find ways to motivate your employees. It is important to understand what factors influence maximum performance and how. There are many programs, classes to take, or books you can read that offer excellent training and tools that managers can use to brush up on their motivational skills.​

Many medical managers practice the system of using negative reinforcement to motivate their employees. This practice is out-dated and useless. Employees are rarely motivated to work more effectively by reprimanding or embarrassment. Managers unknowingly create complacent workers that work just hard enough not to get fired.

Praise and Recognition

A more appropriate way to motivate employees in your medical office is through praise and recognition. It can increase a positive work environment but still not increase employee productivity. Sometimes this form of motivation will improve productivity but only temporarily. For praise and recognition to work effectively, the organization must be consistent. Employees begin to expect to be routinely recognized and will lose motivation if they feel overlooked or ignored.

Monetary Incentives

No matter how much recognition you give your medical employees, they want to eventually see how valuable they are to the company. This comes in the form of monetary incentives and increased responsibility. The best way to get maximum performance from your employees is to incorporate both of these factors in your performance improvement policy.

Employees are motivated when they are paid more for excellence and they are trusted to perform important tasks. A motivated medical employee is one that feels a sense of pride in what they do every day.

Some Excellent Motivational Programs

Inspire Your People: Inspire Your People is an organization that produces books, content, and material with ideas to motivate people. They have six different programs: extra effort and care (212 Degrees), better leaders (Lead Simply), positive service (Smile & Move), commitment and drive (Cross The Line), trust and accountability (Love Your People), and results-oriented team (SalesTough).

According to its website, "We do it by publishing our fresh, no-fluff messages and ideas in different ways — in books, booklets, and videos as well as on pocket cards, posters, and many other products. It's all about raising awareness and helping people care more about their work (what they do every day) and the people they work with and for (colleagues, customers, patients, students, family, friends)."

FISH! Philosophy: Charter House Learning is an organization that produces products and services that help organizations inspire people. They offer a large variety of books and guides, activities and resources, and tools for creating events in addition to speakers and workshops to help organizations create a better workplace.

In addition to these programs, the internet is full of different motivational programs and ideas (some of them free) that you can use to motivate your medical office employees. Many of them offer suggestions that you can use to engage, recognize and reward employees.

Another alternative is to create your own motivational program:

  • Create your own posters
  • Email inspirational quotes daily to your team
  • Develop an employee recognition program (an employee of the quarter)
  • Decide on some performance-driven incentives
  • Include employees on your plans to get them engaged
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