Gifts for Sign Language Interpreters

Showing Appreciation to the Interpreter in Your Life

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Do you want to thank a sign language interpreter in your life? Or thank your child’s sign language interpreter? There are inexpensive novelty gifts specifically for interpreters, from a variety of deaf and hard of hearing product vendors. If a particular product has only one source listed, it is probably an exclusive product.

Abbreviations used:
i.s. = interpreter sign, the sign for interpreter


Clothing for babies ("My mommy [or daddy] is an ASL Terp"), at the ASL Terp Store.


Interpreter caps for casual or sporting events.

  • Denim cap with i.s. - Adco Hearing Products
  • Caps in multiple colors with solid or outline i.s. and with or without "interpreter" -
  • Cap with iTerp logo - Sign It Again (also has another logo, a cartoon boy or girl interpreter with oversized interpreting hands)


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Several items are available for interpreting service offices.

Picture frames





Gifts for interpreting students include the following:

Totes and bags

Watches and Clocks

In addition, CafePress has additional items with sayings such as "Happiness is…being an interpreter," "Sign language interpreters rule," and "My mom is the world’s greatest sign language interpreter"

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