Gut Check App for People With IBD

Track Health Information And Send It To Your Doctor

Gut Check is an application created by Janssen Biotech, Inc. that is available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. This application was created specifically for people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in order to help them:

  • Track health information such as :
    • Bathroom trips
    • Bleeding
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Medications
    • Pain
    • Stool consistency
    • Sleep
  • Record general well-being
  • Keep track of appointments
  • Find available bathrooms
  • Share health information with a physician

How Gut Check Works

Gut Check is used to record several different pieces of information surrounding Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis every day. After this data is recorded, it can be sent to a physician. Physicians also need to register to use Gut Check in order to receive health data from their patients. Gut Check will also offer surveys for people with IBD from time to time.

Gut Check will use the data you enter to create charts. These charts make it easy to see how your IBD is tracking over time.

From the Tracker Entry page, users can enter, based on a scale of 5 levels, general well-being, abdominal pain, bathroom frequency, rectal bleeding, stool details (including consistency and urgency), sleep disturbances, food choices, physical activity, and IBD treatments (medications). The entry is then submitted and saved so that the information can be added to the Health Tracker graph and then sent to a physician.

The Bathroom Finder is a map that shows users the location of nearby restrooms. Users can search for bathrooms by inputting a name, such as a restaurant or grocery store, and then get directions to the location. This also offers the option of rating the location and the bathroom, marking it as a favorite, or reporting the bathroom as being unavailable.

Another helpful function incorporated into Gut Check is the calendar. The calendar function pulls in your events from the calendar on your device and adds any surveys in Gut Check that you have available or that you have taken.

Gut Check also offers a series of informative tips for people with IBD. Topics include tips on diet and nutrition, ulcerative colitis flares, and Crohn's disease flares; and facts about IBD.

Who Might Use Gut Check

Anyone who has IBD will find Gut Check useful in tracking and managing their disease. It can also be helpful to caregivers of someone with IBD, or to parents of a child who has IBD. It might also be useful to other people who are experiencing digestive problems or who might not yet have a diagnosis.


Food Choices

  • The goal of the diet function is to work with your doctor uncover foods that may influence symptoms.
  • The diet database uses the USDA National Nutrient Database.
  • Look up single ingredients, rather than full meals: try "beef, ground" rather than "hamburger."

Bathroom Finder

  • The bathroom finder can help you find bathrooms closest to your own location.
  • Type in a zip code or the name of a place (such as "Whole Foods" or "McDonald's") and search to find more bathrooms.
  • Add bathrooms to the database to make it more useful for everyone.


Gut Check is free to use and has no in-app purchases.

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