Man Having a Headache, grabbing his head.

Headache Causes and Risk Factors

A number of factors, from genetic to environmental to lifestyle, can influence your risk for headaches. Learn about common triggers and what you can and can't control.
Illustration of infectious causes of headache and fever
Infections That Cause Headaches and a Fever
plate of chinese food on a table
Did MSG From Your Take-Out Food Cause a Headache?
Mother holding newborn
Is Headache After Childbirth a Serious Condition?
Close-up of hand holding vitamin D pills.
Can This Vitamin Help Prevent Headaches?
Underwater view of mature male athlete swimming during morning workout
An Overview of Swim-Related Headaches
Businessman at desk in office with closed eyes
Causes of New-Onset Headache After 50
How Weather May Trigger Headaches
Happy couple having a laugh
Can an Orgasm Cure Your Headache?
Coping With a Hangover Headache
Do You Think You Have a Hangover Headache?
Man grabbing his head in pain
Put Down the Cigarette to Avoid Cluster Attacks
How Headaches May Develop At Work
What May Be Causing Your Headaches at Work
How Your Computer May Cause a Headache
Head pain associated with the occipital nerves is sudden, jabbing, piercing, burning and/or throbbing.
An Overview of Occipital Neuralgia
Colourful luxury cleaning household products
How Cleaning Supplies May Trigger a Headache
An espresso shot being made
How Skipping Your Morning Coffee or Tea Can Lead to a Headache
A woman on the couch suffering from a headache
Understanding How a Headache May Be a Sign of a Stroke
A depressed woman with a headache
The Surprising Link Between Headaches and Depression
How a Bleeding Tumor in the Pituitary Gland May Cause a Severe Headache
How a Pituitary Tumor Causes a Severe Headache
A cocktail sitting on a table
What Is a Cocktail Headache?
Woman coughing in her kitchen
Why Only a Healthcare Provider Can Diagnosis a Primary Cough Headache
Mid adult woman with headache
Hypoglycemia and Headaches
Woman drinking water from glass, close-up, profile
Is Your Headache Caused by Dehydration?
Tourist admiring the view from the top of a mountain in Loen, Norway
How Acute Mountain Sickness Causes Headaches
Young woman painting in sunlight.
Can Chewing Gum Cause Headaches in Children?
Jumbo pretzels from street vendor covered in salt
Avoiding Salt to Help Your Headaches
If only this pain would go away
Is Your Home Construction Noise Giving You a Headache?
Woman in front of an empty plate
How Fasting Causes Headaches
Woman having headache
A Headache That Resembles a Brain Tumor in Young Women
blurry city skyline
An Overview of Migraine With Aura
What Is Causing My Neck Pain?
Portrait of woman stretching while sitting on bed
When a Pinched Nerve Causes a Headache
What Causes Cluster Headaches?
What Causes Alarm Clock Headaches (Cluster Headaches)?
Could More Forehead Pain Be Something Serious?