Best Resources for Information About Health Insurance & Health Policy

A Few of My Favorite Health Insurance & Policy Websites

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There are many sources of news and information about health insurance and health care reform in the United States, but some are better than others. I define better as:

  • Providing more in-depth information and analysis than other sources,
  • Providing a unique viewpoint,
  • Providing fact-based information to support conclusions,
  • Disclosing potentially biasing affiliations or relationships.

Here is a run-down of my favorite sources of information, news, and analysis of matters related to health insurance, health policy, and health care reform.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

If I had to limit myself to a single source of health policy news and analysis, KFF would be it. A non-profit, non-partisan organization, KFF makes my list because of its in-depth coverage of a broad swath of health policy, health insurance, and health care reform information.

Check it out at:

Project HOPE’s Journal Health Affairs

Health Affairs is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of health policy. It’s published by the non-profit organization Project HOPE. Health Affairs makes my list because of its original research and in-depth analysis.

Readers should be aware that the full journal is available by subscription only. However, Health Affairs makes a select number of new articles available for free online, as well as all journal articles more than three years old. I value Health Affairs for its extensive list of health policy briefs (free online) and its insightful blog.

Check it out at:

  • The Health Affairs website,
  • The About Us page of the Health Affairs website.
  • Health Affairs Health Policy Briefs.
  • Health Affairs blog.


HealthPocket is the only place I’m aware of where you can compare all of the health plans available in your area—both on-exchange and off-exchange— side by side in the same place, and it’s not selling health insurance. But, that’s not what earned it a spot on my list. Instead, I appreciate its original research, data gathering, and data analysis. HealthPocket helps me understand how health care reform is actually playing out and affecting people, rather than just how it is supposed to be working.

Check it out at:

America’s Health Insurance Plans

AHIP is a trade organization representing the health insurance industry in the United States. As such, expect the information presented on its website to be biased to present the health insurance industry in the best possible light. However, it’s exactly this bias that puts AHIP on my list; it acts as a window into the mind of the health insurance industry.

It would be nearly impossible to understand the intricate nature of how health insurance is changing and how health care reform and health policy changes are affecting Americans without taking into account the viewpoint of the health insurers themselves. AHIP is the collective voice of those insurers.

Check it out at:

The Center on Health Insurance Reforms of the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute

The folks at The Center on Health Insurance Reforms have their finger on the pulse of both the federal and state governments, as well as having a good sense as to what's going on with private health insurance companies and health insurance exchanges. CHIR is a go-to source for accurate information about new or proposed government regulations and how those regulations will impact both insurers and the average Joe-on-the-street.

Together with Georgetown's Center for Children & Families, CHIR publishes a resource guide for health insurance exchange Navigators and assisters. The guide answers all sorts of common but tough questions about health insurance and health insurance regulations.

Check it out at:

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  • (For the purposes of full disclosure, my brother-in-law worked for Health Affairs’ parent company, Project Hope, several years ago.)