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chalk pride flag
The Queer Community's Mental Health Is Under Attack
illustration of protestors against silhouettes of judges
7 Things to Know About Your Reproductive Rights in a Post-Roe World
healthy meal with pumpkin, egg, tomato
4 Eye-Health-Promoting Foods to Eat During Cataract Awareness Month
illustration of 2 pills and prescription bottle
Emergency Contraception vs. Abortion Pills: What to Know Right Now
person pulling out cigarette from a pack
Biden Plans to Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes to 'Non-addictive' Levels
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Syndrome
Are Vitamins and Supplements a Waste of Money?
Two senior female friends walking in the park together, laughing and smiling.
Study Finds Slower Walking Could Be Linked to Dementia
illustration of a monthly pack of birth control pills
Why Does Birth Control Require a Prescription?
person working on laptop in bed
Age 40 Is the Low Point for Getting Enough Sleep, Study Finds
lutein supplements and vegetables
Study Highlights the Safest Supplements to Slow Age-Related Macular Degeneration
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
What Else Can Dostarlimab Treat?
New York City Is Offering Monkeypox Vaccines to High-Risk Groups
Scientist examining toxic water samples
EPA Places Limits on 4 Types of Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Drinking Water
We Now Live in a Post-Roe World. How Will Abortion Bans Cost Lives?
FDA Orders Juul to Remove Its E-Cigarette Products Over Safety Concerns
illustration of abortion training book
How Medical Training Will Change Now That Roe v. Wade Is Overturned
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
FDA Approves Skyrizi to Treat Crohn’s Disease
composite image of woman sitting at pool surrounded by healthy food
Eating These 5 Foods After A Sunburn May Help You Heal
melatonin brain
Experts: Don't Mistake Melatonin for a 'Natural' Sleeping Pill
alopecia photo composite
FDA Approves Arthritis Drug for Hair Regrowth in Alopecia Patients
apple watch
FDA Clears an Apple Watch Feature That Helps Monitor AFib
tiktok nutrition misinformation
TikTok Has a Lot of Misleading Nutrition Tips, Study Finds
person sitting on their bed staring out the window looking sad
Addressing Childhood Trauma Starts With Family Support
Here’s Everything to Know About the Best Health Deals On Amazon Prime Day 2022
woman picking up piece of fruit
Your Genes Might Influence What You Like to Eat
Two people sitting on a couch in front of a TV with their backs to the camera.
Limiting Daily TV Time to 1 Hour or Less May Protect Your Heart
root canal illustration
Want Your Root Canal to Last Longer? Opt for a Filling or Crown, Study Says
Jonathan Van Ness
Jonathan Van Ness Takes Their Healthcare Seriously, Honey
woman exercising
Study Shows Benefits of Exercising During Cancer Treatment
Research is still looking for a better way to detect ovarian cancer
Blood Test Shows Promise in More Accurate Detection of Ovarian Cancer
gun violence illo
How Living With Gun Violence Impacts Your Long-Term Health
justin bieber
Justin Bieber Is Diagnosed With Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Is It Curable?
monkeypox test
How Is Monkeypox Transmitted?
Depressed woman
What Is Proline? Study Links This Amino Acid to Depression Risk
screenshot of TrueFood database
You Can Identify Whether Your Food Is Ultra-Processed on This New Database
Close up of an older white woman looking off to the side.
Race, Ethnicity, and Sex Affect Odds of Developing Alzheimer's
A close up of a young child holding a puppy.
Study Links Childhood Canine Companions to Lower Crohn's Risk
TikTok chiropractors
Meet the Chiropractors Sharing Pain Relief Tips on TikTok
monkeypox symptoms
What Are the Symptoms of Monkeypox?
Study: Cranberries May Support Memory and Brain Health
avocados in water
Storing Avocados In Water Is Not Safe. What Else Can You Do to Preserve the Fruit?
gun violence, grief
What Does It Mean to Grow Up With Gun Violence?
Your Weird Dreams May Help Organize Your Lived Experiences
espresso machine
Espresso Is Linked to Higher Total Cholesterol Levels
asthma inhaler
What Happens If You Overuse Your Asthma Rescue Inhaler?
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Remission
You Most Likely Won't Need the Monkeypox Vaccine
poop emoji
Poop-Tracking App Proves More Accurate Than Evaluating Stool Samples
female nurse taking blood of patient
A Blood Test Could Predict Early Preeclampsia Warning Signs, Study Says
period tracking app
Is Your Data Safe in Period Tracking Apps?
sunscreen illo
How to Choose a Non-Toxic Sunscreen That Actually Works, According to Dermatologists
dietary supplement
FDA Draft Guidance Seeks to Improve Safety Information on Dietary Supplements
A young transgender person without a shirt sitting in a dark room by a window.
6 Science-Backed Reasons Trans Youth Need Gender-Affirming Care
Massachusetts on US map
Monkeypox Outbreak Spreads to the U.S.
A young Black female patient with belly pain being examined by an older white female doctor.
People With Pancreatic Cancer May Have Gallstones First
school lunch
Universal Free School Lunches Might End This Summer
illustration of a scale showing tooth and coins
Dental Care May Reduce Healthcare Costs for People with Diabetes, Heart Disease
Person holding bottle of milk in store
Your Genetics Could Determine If Dairy Is Linked to Cancer Risk
Have Scientists Really Found the Cause of SIDS?

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