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woman drinking from water bottle after exercise
Sports Drinks Aren't Always Good for Hydration
Woman hydrating.
Heat Waves Can Be Dangerous, Even If You're Young
Jared Butler
NBA's Jared Butler Is Raising Awareness for Genetic Heart Disease
dirty chemicals on water
The EPA Finally Plans to Regulate Toxic, Widespread 'Forever Chemicals'
sick on couch with cats
Flu Cases, Deaths, and Vaccine Stats
A white older adult female listening to music with white headphones.
Listening to Loved Songs on Repeat May Help People With Dementia
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Variant
female dietitians holding a tray of ice cream
A Hospital In Israel Found a 'Cool' Way to Help Malnourished Patients
Illustration of someone staring at a plate of food.
Study Finds Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders Doubled During the Pandemic
An illustration of a person with long hair laying on a bed or rug, the colors are brown and blue and beige.
How to Practice Mindfulness the Right Way
A white, blonde-haired child frowning at a plate of food.
How Can Parents Better Help Kids With Picky Eating Habits?
woman checking blood sugar
AMA and CDC Want to Let People Know Pre-Diabetes Is Reversible
Mental health illustration.
Experimental Treatment Could Dramatically Help 4 in 5 Patients with Severe Depression
many new clean tampons and one used bloody tampon - period or menstruation flat lay concept with fake blood
This City Requires Public Restrooms to Provide Period Products for Free
eating disorder in men ill
Why Some Men Are Reluctant to Open Up About Eating Disorders
I tried it illustration.
I Tried Quitting Social Media. It Didn’t Revolutionize My Health
breathing exercise
How Does Deep Breathing Improve Your Digestion?
hand signal closeup
These 'Distress Signals' May Help You Get Out of an Unsafe Situation
spices canva template
Your Herbs and Spices May Contain Lead and Other Heavy Metals
person pouring almond milk in cereal
Experts: Nutritional Standards Needed for Non-Dairy Milk
clean energy bus
Here's How the New Infrastructure Law Could Improve American Health
Man lying in bed late at night.
Your Bedtime Could Be Affecting Your Heart Health
Studio Qila classes
This Indigenous Pilates Instructor Is Empowering Her Community Through Exercise
fertility clinic illo
Same-Sex Couples Face Insurance Discrimination for Fertility Treatments
headshot of Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, MACP, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association
Op-Ed: Combating Disparities In Hispanic Vaccination Rates Requires More Diverse Research
City surrounded in air pollution and fog.
Exposure to Air Pollution May Increase Your Risk of Depression
A hand holds up a smartphone showing the Uber app and nearby Uber taxis as regular taxis stand behind
The Justice Department Is Suing Uber for Overcharging Disabled People
Countries Pledge to Reduce the Healthcare Industry’s Climate Problem
woman grabbing stomach
Study Finds Genetic Links Between IBS and Anxiety
Woman relaxing on a couch.
It’s OK to Take a Mental Health Day
toilet illo
Close the Toilet Lid When You Flush, Please
A white person's hand holding a hearing aid.
FDA Rule Paves Way for OTC Hearing Aids
Close up of an older person's hands across their chest; they are wearing a light blue sweater and blue and white scarf.
Cardiology Experts Release First Chest Pain Guidelines
heart health
New Guidelines From American Heart Association Focus on Dietary Patterns
transgender healthcare access illo
How Can We Improve Access to Gender-Affirming Health Care?
milk cartons
USDA Recommends 3 Cups of Dairy Per Day. Is It Too Much?
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Chronic
woman getting vaccinated
Study: HPV Vaccine Reduced U.K. Cervical Cancer Rates by 87%
Israel's Energy Minister Karine Elharrar waits for the start of a meeting on day three of COP26
Op-Ed: Disabled People Are Being Left Out of the Climate Crisis Fight
A close up of a phone app that says "cycle" like a menstrual tracker.
PTSD Symptoms May Change Throughout the Menstrual Cycle
An illustration of people who got shots with sore arms on a pale yellow background.
Are Flu Shot Side Effects Worse This Year?
red lit crowd
What Is a Crowd Surge, and How Can You Stay Safe in One?
Woman looking at a prescription pill bottle.
This Website Could Help You Find the Right Antidepressant on Your First Try
Zinc Supplementation
Taking Zinc May Ease Cold Symptoms Even If You're Not Deficient
Scientists Find Harmful Industrial Chemicals in Fast Food
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
Research Suggests Prozac May Help Prevent Vision Loss
A woman measuring her glucose levels.
New Technology Can Measure Glucose Levels in Sweat, No Needles Required
An older adult female wearing earbuds and looking at her smartphone.
Using Duolingo to Learn a New Language Can Keep Your Brain Sharp
children playground
CDC Strengthens Lead Poisoning Prevention in Children With New Standards
child hand prints on red paper
Op-Ed: It's Time to Make Child Care a Health Benefit
Woman texting.
Mental Health Help for Spanish Speakers Is Now Just a Text Away
Woman with diabetes eating
6 Foods to Add to Your Diet During Diabetes Awareness Month
Pilot Program Shows Why We Need More Cervical Cancer Screenings for Trans Men
pop-tarts canva illo
Are Strawberry Pop-Tarts Pretending to be a Health Food?
Pregnant woman speaking with a doctor.
Existing Nutritional Guidelines For Pregnant People Are Subpar, Study Finds
A cardboard protest sign that reads "You'll die of old age we'll die of climate change."
The Lancet Issues a 'Code Red' for Climate Change's Health Impact
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Malignant
People at counseling wearing face masks.
1 in 5 Americans Sought Mental Health Help During the Pandemic
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
FDA Approves Cyltezo, the First Interchangeable Biosimilar for Humira
Fresh orange juice and a cutting board.
Study: 100% Orange Juice May Fight Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

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