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pink sauce
What TikTok's Pink Sauce Can Teach Us About Buying Food Online
Glucerna carton
Glucerna Shakes Are One of Several Recalled Nutritional Beverages
Elderly Woman Pouring Pills From Bottle On Hand, Closeup View
Heat Waves Might Increase Heart Attack Risk for People on These Medications
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
This Cancer Drug Is Leading to Fewer MS Relapses
A young Black woman taking a nap on a gray couch.
Is Too Much Napping Bad For Your Health?
U.S. Declares Monkeypox Outbreak a Public Health Emergency
how to take the abortion pill
How to Use the Abortion Pill
White pills spilling out of prescription bottle onto orange surface
Allergy Pills Can Help Manage Vertigo Symptoms, Study Finds
monkeypox test
Monkeypox Is a Public Health Emergency in Some States. What Does It Mean?
Monkeypox by the Numbers: August 11, 2022
expiration date
Here's Why You Can't Trust Food Expiration Dates
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
What Does Atrophy Mean in Medicine?
Annie Murphy and Dr. Shepherd
How Annie Murphy Became a Driving Force Behind On-Demand Birth Control
illustration of gut brain connection
New Evidence Confirms Genetic Link Between Gut Health and Alzheimer’s
Skittles Were Never Healthy. But They're Not Poisoning You
hydration in a heatwave
You're Probably Better at Hydrating Than You Think
risks of energy drinks
How Dangerous Are Energy Drinks?
peanut butter
Jif Peanut Butter's Salmonella Outbreak Has Ended Smoothly
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Non-Invasive
Where Can You Live Your Healthiest Life?
Rachel Charlton-Dailey winning the Women in Journalism Georgina Henry Award at the British Journalism Awards presented by the editor of the Press Gazette Dominic Ponsford, sponsor Wiggin Spokesperson Adelaide Lopez (in gold) and editor of the Daily Mirror Allison Philips
You Don't Have to Like Being Disabled to be Proud of It
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
FDA Approves First Topical Treatment for Vitiligo
brain with pills
Study Suggests ADHD Drugs Could Treat Alzheimer’s Symptoms
monkeypox vaccine
Does One Dose of the Monkeypox Vaccine Offer Enough Protection?
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
A New Non-Steroidal Psoriasis Cream Is Making Remission Possible
If Walking Is the Only Exercise You Do, Is That Enough to Stay Healthy?
antibiotic resistance
The Pandemic Made Antibiotics Less Effective
salt shaker
Put Down That Salt Shaker. It Might Help You Live 2 Years Longer
Plant Based Whole Food Keto Diet
To Reduce Cancer Risk, Plant-Based Diets May Beat Keto
Kyle Planck monkeypox collage
A Monkeypox Patient Told Us How He Navigated Testing, Treatment, and Recovery
Woman tired after exercise
Weekend Warriors May Reap the Same Health Benefits as People Who Exercise Daily
dark spots upper lip
What Is a Melasma Mustache and How Do I Get Rid of It?
swimming pool illo
How to Enjoy Swimming Pools Without Getting Sick This Summer
988 suicide prevention hotline
988 Is the New National Mental Health Hotline
insulin wrapped in money
California Plans to Lower Insulin Prices by Making Its Own
3D mammography most helpful for women with dense breasts and a high risk of cancer.
You May Not Need a 3D Mammogram
What Is the High-Dose Flu Shot? , Vaccine
Study: Flu Shots May Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Culture
illustration of 2 pills and prescription bottle
How Far Into a Pregnancy Can You Use the Abortion Pill?
Planned Parenthood leads the New York City Pride Parade on June 26, 2022 in New York City
How Abortion Bans Impact the Transgender Community
nail melanoma woman health skin cancer wellbeing screening detection
Are You at Risk of Skin Cancer? How to Determine When to See a Dermatologist
person sleeping with cat
How Much Sleep Do You Need For a Healthy Heart?
An illustration of different people climbing on fast food and snack foods like donuts soda fries and a hot dog on a salmon pink background.
Who Gets to Decide If a Food Is 'Ultra-Processed?'
two vaccine vials
How Well Do Polio Vaccines Work?
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Intractable
rift between exercise and apartment buildings
Do You Live in an 'Exercise Desert'?
monkeypox test
Monkeypox Vaccines Are Headed to States. Will They Be Enough?
illustration of abortion training book
What Are Trigger Laws and What Do They Mean For Abortion Rights?
uterus illustration
Is 'Septic Uterus' a Thing?
chalk pride flag
The Queer Community's Mental Health Is Under Attack
illustration of protestors against silhouettes of judges
7 Things to Know About Your Reproductive Rights in a Post-Roe World
healthy meal with pumpkin, egg, tomato
4 Eye-Health-Promoting Foods to Eat During Cataract Awareness Month
illustration of 2 pills and prescription bottle
Emergency Contraception vs. Abortion Pills: What to Know Right Now
person pulling out cigarette from a pack
Biden Plans to Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes to 'Non-addictive' Levels
illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
Word of the Week: Syndrome
Are Vitamins and Supplements a Waste of Money?
Two senior female friends walking in the park together, laughing and smiling.
Study Finds Slower Walking Could Be Linked to Dementia
illustration of a monthly pack of birth control pills
Why Does Birth Control Require a Prescription?
person working on laptop in bed
Age 40 Is the Low Point for Getting Enough Sleep, Study Finds
lutein supplements and vegetables
Study Highlights the Safest Supplements to Slow Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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