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Health Technology

From virtual care to digital health devices to mobile health apps, learn how you can use technology to monitor and improve your health care and communicate with your healthcare team.
woman checking smartwatch on run
Mobile Health Apps and Technology
young woman runner syncing smartphone and watch
The Future of Condition-Specific Smart Clothing
Nutrigenomics: What Is It and Can It Revolutionize Your Health?
Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Healthcare?
Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Health Care?
Teletherapy Tools
What to Expect From a Teletherapy Session
Using Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health
Using AI for Mental Health Effectively
New Health Tech Bringing Wellness to Your Home
New Health Tech Bringing Wellness to Your Home
Can Health Technology Replace Our Need for Drugs?
Can Health Technology Replace Our Need for Drugs?
Providing Digital Healthcare with A Conversational Experience
Digital Health Care With a Conversational Experience
Man speaking to therapist
New Health Technology Integrating Genetics and Psychology
Paro the seal
Learn About PARO, the Therapeutic "Pet" Seal
The Latest on Micro Wellness Installations
The Latest on Micro Wellness Installations
Korean Researchers Complete Dog Cloning From Fat Stem Cells
How Cloning May Cure Diseases One Day
Anesthesiologist with cellphone nearby
Health Tech Is Successful in Developing Countries
MRI of a person's brain
Comparing Diagnostic Capabilities of CT and MRI
The Role of Connected Healthcare in the Smart Home
The Smart Home of the Future: Can It Replace Traditional Healthcare?
Young woman receiving local cryotherapy on her face
The Latest on Different Types of Cryotherapies
Woman tracking health on her phone
5 Ways to Track Your Health With Your Phone
Elderly woman using blood pressure machine connected to her laptop
Dangers of Defective Mobile Health Apps and Devices
The Potential of Drones in Providing Health Services
The Potential of Drones Providing Health Services
Diabetes screening
The Characteristics of a Good Health Screening Test
Medical Alert System
The 6 Best Medical Alert Systems of 2021
Genetic test results
The 6 Best DNA Testing Kits of 2021
Online Pharmacy
Best Online Pharmacies
Medical Billing and Coding Class
The 6 Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Classes of 2021
Stair Lift
The 5 Best Stair Lift Companies of 2021
Close up of box with medicine
How to Choose an Online Pharmacy
Triple Aim
An Overview of the Triple Aim