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Healthy Aging Tips

Add life to your years by learning science-backed ways to keep your body healthy as it ages and fight natural changes that can otherwise impact your daily life and wellness.
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10 Daily Habits You Didn't Know Sabotage Your Health
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How to Boost Your Longevity in Your 60s
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What to Do When Your Collagen Depletes
Young woman applying eye cream
How to Choose an Eye Cream
Okinawa Blue Zone breakfast
7 Blue Zone Foods to Include in Your Diet
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How Hair Color and Texture Change With Age
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How Aging Affects Your Feet and Ankles
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Should Older Men Take Testosterone Supplements?
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Immunity Benefits of Zinc as We Age
Chunks of dark chocolate.
How Much Dark Chocolate Should You Eat to Live Longer?
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How Lifestyle and Habits Affect Biological Aging
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How Your Sex Life Can Change After 60
Man giving himself testosterone injection
Is Boosting Your Testosterone Level a Good Idea?
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The Reason Why Men Have Nipples
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How to Keep a Healthy Smile Into Old Age
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8 Top Causes of Excess Mortality in the US
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Healthy Weight and BMI Range for Older Adults
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Does Your Nose Grow With Age?
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10 Top Health Benefits of Sleep
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The Wear and Tear Theory of Aging
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Overview of Programmed Theories of Aging
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Sex After Age 70 Is Increasing
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Sex in Older Adults: Statistics, Problems, and Help
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How Sleep Changes With Aging
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Okinawan Longevity and Healthy Aging in Blue Zones
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5 Vaccines All Grandparents Should Get
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Why Do You Age? Theories of Aging's Effects on Your Body
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The Longevity Diet: Benefits and How It Works
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How Is Aging Different for Men and Women?
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Popular Anti-Aging Hormone Supplements
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Top 4 Free Online Longevity Calculators and Tests
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The Genetic Theory of Aging, Concepts, and Evidence
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Healthy Life Expectancy & How to Calculate
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Blue Zones Vitality Compass Longevity Calculator Review
Hormonal Stress Theory. Our family has a history of bravery Shot of a senior father giving his son a medal while they're sitting indoors
A Look at the Hormone Theory of Aging
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Learn About the Free Radical Theory of Aging