Bullet Journaling Is a TikTok Trend We Can Get Behind—Our Favorites Start at $16

These journals, wellness trackers and planners make it easy to track habits and reach your goals

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Healthy Planners

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If you’re still working on kickstarting your New Year’s resolutions, chances are you’ll stick to them longer with the help of a healthy planner or journal. Planners can help to set goals, track habits, and monitor anything from meal plans to mental health, all while helping to keep track of your day-to-day life.

The best planner for reaching your health goals is going to be one that adapts to your needs without being overly complicated or time-consuming to use. Whether you're looking to start a new eating plan or looking to get out of burnout, there's a health planner for you—and some that can track all of these goals and more.

The Happy Planner Wellness Planner

The Happy Planner Undated Wellness Planner

The Happy Planner 

Buy It: The Happy Planner Undated Wellness Planner $30; thehappyplanner.com

A favorite brand in the planner world, The Happy Planner doesn't just work for organizing your day-to-day life. The Happy Planner Wellness Planner emphasizes your mental health as much as every other aspect of your health, with space for self-gratitude and intentions alongside fitness and meal planning.

This 12-month planner is undated, so you can keep track of how much you've accomplished for your health and well-being over time.

NewMe Nutrition Planner

NewMe Nutrition Planner


Buy It: NewMe Nutrition Planner $13; amazon.com

Committing to diet changes in your lifestyle is a great way to get healthy, but changing your eating habits can be hard—especially in those first few weeks. A nutrition planner takes some of the guesswork out of healthy eating by making it easy to plan meals, grocery lists, and calorie intake.

Designed by dietitians, the NewMe Nutrition Planner makes food tracking more granular, with space to track protein, fat, and carbs for each meal if you're trying to follow a specific diet. Even better, each day has a space to track mood, energy, and activity levels so that you can track links between your food intake and overall wellness.

NewMe Fitness Journal

NewMe Fitness & Nutrition Journal


Buy It: NewMe Fitness Journal $16; amazon.com

Whether you’re training for a big race or just getting into working out, a fitness planner is a great way to keep track of weight progression, strength training exercises, and recovery. Like its nutrition planner, NewMe's Fitness Journal makes it easy to dig into your health journey by tracking multiple facets instead of big picture stats.

You can track up to eight goals over the planner's two-month duration, with plans and deadlines for each one. You can also track weight, body fat, and specific exercises—like deadlifts or bench press weights—over a 20-week period.

Papier Daily Productivity Planner

Papier Undated Daily Productivity Planner


Buy It: Papier Undated Daily Productivity Planner $32; papier.com

Don't be put off by this planner's name—if you're looking to unwind and focus on wellness, thinking about productivity can be the last thing on your mind. This pick combines many of the other planners on our list, so it makes a great general wellness planner. It includes features like goal setting, mind mapping, and weekly meal planners and shopping lists for a focus on healthier eating. It also breaks out space for habit tracking and priorities on a weekly basis.

The BestSelf Self Journal

BestSelf Self Journal


Buy It: BestSelf Self Journal $32; amazon.com, walmart.com, barnesandnoble.com

The BestSelf Self Journal is broken out into a daily planner with space for the day’s goals, daily intention, and a dotted grid for free space to reflect on the day. If you’d prefer your daily layout to be a little more specific, it even has an hourly planner layout. 

But our favorite feature is the habit tracker. The Self Journal allows you to track up to 18 different habits over the course of its 13-week length. You can mark each habit as completed, partially complete, or leave it blank, then track your progress over time, and each daily planner prompts you to complete your habit tracker for extra accountability no matter what goals or changes you're making.

BestSelf Overcoming Burnout Journal

BestSelf Overcoming Burnout Journal


Buy It: BestSelf Overcoming Burnout Journal $30; amazon.com

Following a similar format as their Self Journal, BestSelf’s newest release takes the two-page journal format and turns it into a way to minimize stress and energy drains instead of maximizing productivity. Research has shown a strong correlation between symptoms of burnout and depression, so whether your feelings of burnout are related to work or everyday life, it’s important to keep track of.

Each journal entry focuses on identifying that day’s stressors and energy drains, as well as space to give yourself energy and stress scores at the end of the day. Rather than being a traditional planner for laying out activities and plans, it allows you to make a habit of self-care and dig into what’s been causing you stress.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal



Buy It: LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal $23; amazon.com

A bullet journal is an easy way to make your own health tracker, whether you follow specific planner templates or make your own. Its easy personalization makes it one of the best custom planners for health goals—or any kind of goal—because you can track what’s important to you, whether that be turning your bullet journal into a healthy meal planner, a workout planner, wellness journal, or even a combination of all three.

Most bullet journal spreads—aka, your bullet journal format—rely on keeping a two-page collection of ideas, making them a great place to create a workout calendar or monthly and weekly planners. Your bullet journal index—kept at the front of your journal—is also a great way to keep track of a lot of disparate health tracking throughout your planner.

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