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Healthy Sleep Habits

What you do before bedtime and your sleep environment play greatly into the quality of your Zzzs. Learn what habits can help you get the sleep you need.
How to Fall Asleep Faster During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Portrait of a beautiful woman sleeping
How to Choose the Perfect Time to Go to Bed
The Best and Worst Sleep Positions for Health Conditions
Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine
The 8 Best Sound Machines for Sleep of 2021
Learning how to avoid hitting snooze may require determining your sleep needs and fixing causes of excessive morning sleepiness
How to Stop Hitting Snooze on Your Alarm Clock
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Make Your Mornings Easier With These Simple Solutions
Man waking up with sunrise alarm clock or dawn simulation light
Wake Up! Simulate Dawn With a Sunrise Alarm Clock and Wake Easier
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Why You Should Not Sleep With Your Cell Phone at Night
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How to Ruin Sleep: 10 Bad Habits and the Worst Ways to Cause Insomnia
Essential oils on a market Stall like lavender may help to improve sleep and treat insomnia
How You Can Sleep Better Tonight by Trying Home Remedies
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What's the Best Temperature for Sleep?
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Sleeping in Shifts: The Pros and Cons of a Polyphasic Sleep Schedule
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Discover the Best Sleep Rituals and Routines to Relieve Insomnia
Sunday night insomnia may be worsened by sleeping on the weekends, naps, caffeine, and alcohol use
What Causes My Sunday Night Insomnia?
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Jet Lagged? How to Adjust to a New Time Zone
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Consider 5 Factors to Create an Optimal Bedroom Environment for Sleep
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How the Soothing Tones of White Noise Can Help You Sleep Better
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5 Ways to Sleep Better on an Airplane
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Discover the Many Health Benefits of Power Naps
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Do Your Sleep Needs Change As You Age?
Lying awake in bed at night may worsen insomnia and can be improved with stimulus control
Improve Insomnia by Avoiding Time Spent Lying Awake in Bed at Night
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How Much Sleep You Need Depends on Age and the Individual
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How Much Sleep Do 2-Year-Old Toddlers Need?
A women suffering from insomnia.
How to Reduce Stress and Racing Thoughts at Night
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How Much Sleep Adults Need on Average to Be Rested
Zeitgebers are time signals that can naturally enhance sleep via the circadian rhythms and biologic clock
How Zeitgeber Time Signals Reset Sleep, Internal Clock
Circadian Rhythms and Biological Clocks
How Circadian Rhythms Are Affected by Your Environment
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Should You Use an Alarm Clock to Wake Up From Sleep?
Sleep deprivation and a sleep debt can be dangerous while driving and can be paid off with more sleep at night and napping
You're Broke! 6 Surefire Ways to Pay Off Your Sleep Debt
Man relaxing before bedtime by listening to music to feel sleepy
The 6 Best Ways to Relax Before Going to Bed
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How Does a Caffeine Nap Work?
The causes of early morning awakenings can include sleep apnea and insomnia
Reasons You Always Wake up Early
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How to Wake Up Rested in the Morning
Cropped shot of a young woman wearing a sleep mask while lying in bed
The 9 Best Sleep Masks of 2021
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The 10 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers of 2021
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10 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight
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How to Fix Your Insomnia in 30 Days
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Sleep Texting: Can You Send Text Messages While Asleep?
Woman Holding Coffee Cup
Is Late Coffee Ruining Your Sleep?
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Skip the Nightcap: How Long You Should Wait to Go to Bed After Alcohol
Eating too late may contribute to heartburn and insomnia if you don't wait long enough between eating and going to sleep
Timing of Last Meal May Contribute to Nighttime Heartburn or Insomnia
Sleepy teenager in car
Should You Let Your Teenager Sleep in to Optimize Sleep?
Woman turning off her alarm clock from bed
How Less Sleep Affects Your Metabolism and Prevents Weight Loss
Man resting on the job
Knowing the Difference of Sleepiness and Fatigue Can Help Your Treatment
Better Sleep
Rise and Shine! Sleep Better and Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day
Keep a regular schedule to improve teens' sleep
Help Your Teen Sleep Better With 5 Simple Tips and Recommendations
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How Morning Sunlight Can Improve Your Sleep
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Can the Sleep Cycle App Fix Your Sleep?
Sleepless Young Woman with Insomnia in Bed, Watching Alarm Clock
Why Are You Getting Up so Much to Pee at Night?
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Should You Go to Bed Only When You Are Tired?
The woman who sleeps soundly in a bed
The 7 Best Pillows for Back Sleepers of 2021
Woman reading digital tablet in bed to stay up late
9 Simple Recommendations for Staying up Late
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The 8 Best Weighted Blankets of 2021
Fitness trackers may track sleep with wearable technology by measuring movements, heart rate, or other factors
How to Use Fitness Trackers to Improve Sleep and Ease Insomnia
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How Selecting a Sleep Number Mattress May Improve Your Sleep
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How to Calculate the Sleep Needs for Every Age
Coffee or caffeine consumption in children or teenagers may stunt growth due to impacts on sleep and growth hormone release
Caffeine Use May Contribute to Sleep Deprivation and Impact Height
Anxious Sleep May Be Eased Simply, Survey Suggests