8 Hearing Aid Manufacturers to Explore

Once you come to the decision that you need hearing aids, the choices can be overwhelming. Styles, colors, options, manufacturers...the list goes on and on. Your audiologist will help guide you through this process, but this list will give you a starting point to discuss.

There are many brands of hearing aids and this is not a complete listing; rather, it is a list of hearing aid manufacturers that have a proven track record and will be available nationwide (and sometimes, worldwide). This list is arranged alphabetically.



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Hansaton carries a full range of hearing solutions. They produce digital hearing aids with award-winning designs, with features such as feedback blocking, speech direction adjustment, and high fidelity sound listening capability. 

What sets them apart is their AQ Rechargeable series. The batteries are sealed in the hearing aids and come with a five-year guarantee. A full charge will power the hearing aids for more than 20 hours of use, and the charger is very simple to use. You just place the hearing aids in the charger and it works through induction technology. The AQ line is available in BTE and RIC hearing aid styles.



Oticon specializes in hearing aids for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss as well as devices for those with less extreme hearing loss. Oticon's fitting philosophy is called BrainHearing™. Their goal is to have the hearing aids work in such a way to keep speech sounding as natural as possible, maintain the ability to tell which direction speech is coming from, and separate speech from background noise. They have a full line of adult and pediatric hearing aids which have the ability to connect to smartphones, TV, and landline phones.



Phonak has a complete portfolio of hearing solutions for every age—infants to adults. Their product line begins with an affordable basic model that has key features such as feedback blocking and the ability to block background noise. At the top of the line is a model with advanced features such as the ability to manage sound distortion, and the ability to reduce wind noise. Phonak also has a complete line of hearing aids for children and teenagers, with child-friendly designs. Phonak's FM technology (called Roger) is fully digital and has unsurpassed sound quality.

Their Lyric product is unique as it is an extended wear hearing aid that is placed deep in the ear canal by an audiologist and worn for months at a time. This includes sleeping and showering but it must be taken out to swim. The hearing aid can stay hidden in the canal for as long as 120 days per fitting. A removal tool is given to users to take it out if needed. It needs to be replaced about six times a year. It is sold on a subscription basis.



Resound has a full line of hearing aids that can fit all types of hearing losses. What sets them apart is the way the hearing aids can connect to other devices. Many companies have a Bluetooth capability in their hearing aids, but require the use of a separate device (usually worn around the neck) to interface between the hearing aids and the accessory that the user wants to connect to. Resound does not require that extra piece, making it easier to use and cosmetically more appealing.



Siemens has to stand-out series of hearing aids, the binax series, and the Aquaris hearing aid. The binax series of hearing aids has technology that two studies have shown enables the wearer to hear speech better in difficult background noise than a person with normal hearing is able to hear. The Aquaris is fully waterproof and dust proof hearing aid. It's an excellent choice for someone who enjoys water sports or for the person who has a lot of sweat and moisture issues that can cause problems with hearing aids.



Starkey, a longtime hearing aid manufacturer, makes the entire range of hearing aid styles and offers a wide choice of colors and designs. Typical features include noise reduction and feedback cancellation. Their IIC hearing aids are very tiny and almost invisible in the ear canal. There is a made for iPhone hearing aid in their product line,​ a tinnitus device, and even a basic amplifier for people who may not be quite ready for hearing aids. Starkey also has the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which helps provide hearing aids to those who can not afford them.



Unitron makes all styles of hearing aids. They are owned by Sonova, which also owns Phonak so their technology is similar. One of their standout ideas is called Flex. This is a hearing aid that can be upgraded in technology over the computer. For example, let's say you purchased the mid-level technology option and they worked great for your situation but then changed to a job where your listening demands were much greater, you could upgrade the hearing aids for the difference in price rather than have to purchase new hearing aids. Another nice feature that Unitron has is that they will often include accessories (such as dehumidifier, TV streamer, or remote microphone) as part of the hearing aid purchase.



Widex has exceptional sound quality. As with other manufacturers, Widex has a full range of hearing aids for children and adults plus nifty accessories making the most of the hearing aids. The Unique has the best wind noise reduction on the market and is great for outdoorsy people. Other products of interest include the Widex Baby, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a Receiver In The Ear (RITE) hearing aid made for tiny ears with different sizes of ear molds that can be replaced in office. Widex also produces Widex Zen Therapy, a system for tinnitus consisting of four components that can be tailored to your individual needs.

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