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Hearing Aids and Technology

The right hearing aid can make a world of difference. Explore the various types available and learn if technology like cochlear implants are right for you.
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Financial Aid for Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
Hearing aids
How to Donate Used Hearing Aids
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8 Hearing Aid Manufacturers to Explore
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Are Disposable Hearing Aids by Subscription Worth It?
Keeping your hearing aids clean is the best way to get the most years and maximum performance from them.
Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance
A baby monitor that vibrates or flashes lights allow parents with hearing loss to know when the baby needs them.
Making Homes Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessible
Hybrid Cochlear Implants Overview
Woman talking to doctor about hearing aids
Tips for When You're Hearing Aids Won't Work
Hearing Is an Overlooked Cause of Fatigue
Your audiologist can guide you in selecting the best hearing aid style for your lifestyle.
Types and Styles of Hearing Aids
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Used Hearing Aids: Can You Buy or Sell Them?
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Earwax Buildup With Hearing Aids
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Cochlear Implant Surgery Basics
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Is a Cochlear Implant Right for You?
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What to Know About Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids
HEARING-IMPAIRED CHILD Reportage on Elsa, 10, who has been deaf from birth and wears bilateral cochlear implants. Her deafness was detected when she was 10 months old and she had implants for the first time when she was 17 months and then again at 3. She said her first word when she was 22 months old. She went to a school for the deaf, then she started at regular school when she was 5. Elsa in her Year 5 class.
Cochlear Implant Auditory Training Therapy
FM Transmitter
FM Listening Systems for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Hearing Aids Medicare
Pictures of Different Hearing Aids
First Alert Smoke Alarm with Strobe Light for the Hearing Impaired
Assistive Listening Devices for the Deaf and HOH