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Hearing Loss and Deafness

If you're experiencing hearing loss, adjustments can make life easier. Learn more about the condition and assistive devices that may be able to help you.
Ear exam
What Causes Hearing Loss?
Hearing testing
Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Causes and Treatment
Premature baby having BAER hearing test
BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) Hearing Test
Audiogram depicting speech banana
The Speech Banana in an Audiogram
Hearing ear auditory ossicles and tympanic membrane
The Role of Auditory Ossicles in Hearing
Examining ear with otoscope
Why You Might Need Ear Tubes
Human ear anatomy
How Your Hearing Really Works
Illustration of the middle ear with otosclerosis
Hearing Loss Related to Otosclerosis
Young boy with an audiologist
Evaluating for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Author's Audiogram
How to Interpret an Audiogram From a Hearing Test
A man cupping his ear to hear clearly
Musical Ear Syndrome Can Affect the Hard of Hearing
Deaf track and field runners.
The Sound of Deaf Speech Can Vary Widely
Doctor Testing Boy with Cochlear Implants
Comparison of ABR and OAE Audiology Hearing Tests
Current Treatments for Tinnitus
Man with hearing loss
Low-Frequency Hearing Loss: Overview and More
A baby boy wearing a hearing aid
Progressive Hearing Loss in Children
Girl with hearing loss being taught
Genetic Causes of Hearing Loss
Making a hearing test
Hearing Loss Related to Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease
woman cleaning outside of ear with cotton swab
How to Safely Remove Ear Wax
Woman taking pills
Ototoxic Medications That May Cause Hearing Loss
Audiogram Being Marked
Mild Hearing Loss and Its Effects
Woman cleaning ear with q-tip
The Dangers of Using Q-Tips for Earwax
Girl on the telephone sitting at desk
Auditory Processing Disorder in Adults
A group of friends drinking together
Alcohol Consumption Can Damage Hearing
Doctor discussing with a female patient.
Effects on Language From Fluctuating Hearing Loss
woman holding her ear in pain
How Tinnitus Impacts Daily Life
Cute baby boy with hearing aid
The Connection Between Connexin 26 and Hearing Loss
Woman talking to doctor about hearing aids
High-Frequency Hearing Loss Effects and Causes
ear pain, ventilation tubes
Mondini Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment
A baby getting his ears checked by a doctor
Hearing Loss in Meningitis
Boy with chicken pox
Chickenpox and Hearing Loss
Ear pain in a woman
Causes of Tinnitus or Ringing in the Ears
Cancer Treatment and Hearing Loss
Pediatrician checking ear of boy in examination room
Ear Cleaning Wax Treatment and Removal
doctor examining senior patient's ear
Cholesteatoma Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
hearing impairment young woman hearing loss
Ototoxicity: Overview and More