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Hearing Loss and Deafness

If you're experiencing hearing loss, adjustments can make life easier. Learn more about the condition and assistive devices that may be able to help you.
Ear exam
What Causes Hearing Loss?
Hearing testing
What Causes Sudden Hearing Loss?
Premature baby having BAER hearing test
Should Your Child Have BAER Hearing Testing Done?
Audiogram depicting speech banana
The Speech Banana in an Audiogram
Hearing ear auditory ossicles and tympanic membrane
Learn the Exact Function of the Auditory Ossicles
Examining ear with otoscope
Why You Might Need Ear Tubes to Treat Chronic Problems
Human ear anatomy
How Your Hearing Works
Illustration of the middle ear with otosclerosis
Hearing Loss Related to Otosclerosis
Young boy with an audiologist
Evaluating for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Author's Audiogram
How to Interpret an Audiogram From a Hearing Test
A man cupping his ear to hear clearly
The Music You Hear May Be Musical Ear Syndrome
Deaf track and field runners.
How Does Deaf Speech Sound Compared to Voices of People Who Can Hear?
Doctor Testing Boy with Cochlear Implants
How Are ABR and OAE Hearing Tests for Children Different?
Man with hearing loss
Overview of Low-Frequency Hearing Loss
A baby boy wearing a hearing aid
Learn Why Some Children Have Progressive Hearing Loss
Girl with hearing loss being taught
These Are the Genetic Causes of Hearing Loss
Making a hearing test
Hearing Loss and Autoimmune Disorders
woman cleaning outside of ear with cotton swab
The Dos and Don'ts for Removing Ear Wax Safely
Woman taking pills
6 Types of Medicine That May Cause You to Experience Hearing Loss
Audiogram Being Marked
How Can You Treat a Mild Hearing Loss?
Woman cleaning ear with q-tip
How Using Cotton Swabs to Remove Wax Could Damage Your Ears
Girl on the telephone sitting at desk
Auditory Processing Disorder in Adults
A group of friends drinking together
How Alcohol Can Cause Hearing Loss for Even Moderate Drinkers
Doctor discussing with a female patient.
Manage Your Fluctuating Hearing Loss so It Doesn't Impact Your Speech
woman holding her ear in pain
How Tinnitus Impacts Daily Life
Cute baby boy with hearing aid
The Connection Between Connexin 26 and Hearing Loss
Woman talking to doctor about hearing aids
How to Tell If You Have High-Frequency Hearing Loss
ear pain, ventilation tubes
Mondini Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Boy with chicken pox
Can Chickenpox Cause Hearing Loss?
Ear pain in a woman
Here Are Some Possible Causes Of That Ringing in Your Ears
Hearing Loss After Cancer
Pediatrician checking ear of boy in examination room
How Safely Clean Your Ears Without Risking Wax Impaction
doctor examining senior patient's ear
How Cholesteatoma Causes Hearing Loss
Doctor consultating patient about deafness
Can Ototoxic Drugs Cause Hearing Loss or Deafness?
Woman suffering from jaw pain
Consider TMJ If You Have Trouble Diagnosing Your Hearing Loss
Woman exercising with headphones
Working out in a Loud Environment Has Negative Effects on Hearing
Mother and toddler exercising at home
Balance Problems for Children With Hearing Loss
Sudden hearing loss
What Causes Sudden Deafness?
A young boy using an abacus with a blurry background
Autistic Children and Auditory Processing Disorders
Girls playing on a bed.
Nonverbal Users of Sign Language
A woman talking to another woman in sign language
How to Communicate Confidently and Accurately About Sex With ASL
Hands making gesture: one hand held straight on open palm of other
Where to Find Sign Language Dictionaries Online
American sign language
How Hard Is It to Learn Sign Language?
woman using sign language to read book to two boys
Combining Oral and Sign Language Communication Methods
Woman teaching preschooler sign language
How to Create a Fun ASL ABC Story
Deaf School children sign to each other in school class room
Learn and Practice Sign Language With These Fun Games and Puzzles
Parent communicating with sign language
Signing Exact English and Syntax
Couple using sign language
Profile of William Stokoe ASL Researcher
Picture of a man and women communicating with sign language
Pigdin Signed English Uses Sign Language With English Grammar
Parent communicating with sign language
Learn the Basics of American Sign Language Classifiers
Teacher showing pre-school girl sign language
How to Learn ASL Signs for Common Foods and Drinks
number 1 in sign language
How You Can Learn the First 20 Numbers in ASL
Woman signing the word 'Family' in American Sign Language while communicating with her son
How Do You Sign Popular Christmas Songs?
Picture of a man and women communicating with sign language
How You Receive a Name Sign Within the Deaf Community
Sign language instructions
Resources for Learning Sign Language
Silhouette Cross Against Sky During Sunset
Sign Language Resources for Christian Religions
Therapist carrying out EFT treatment with elderly patient
Can Interpreters Be Available at Doctors and Hospitals For the Deaf?
Jack Jason and Marlee Matlin
Marlee Matlin's Sign Language Interpreter Jack Jason
Interpreter signing during business meeting.
Do You Want to Become a Sign Language Interpreter?
Man looking at computer
Get the Latest on Relay Services for the Deaf