Helen Massy

Helen Massy

Freelance Medical and Health Writer


Respiratory Disease


Northumbria University


In a complex world, I want to provide evidence-based health information that is easily accessible to the general public. My goal is to decode scientific jargon and turn it into topical and relevant facts that everyone can understand. Knowledge is key in taking charge of your own health.

— Helen Massy


Helen is a medical and health writer specializing in medical articles, health-focused blogs, and well-being based website content. She has an extensive background as a healthcare professional and senior leader in the UK National Health Service, alongside being a mother to three young children and a well-traveled military spouse. This eclectic mix of attributes brings a unique blend of clinical insight, professional credibility, and life experience to her work.

Over 10 years of writing NHS policy, clinical protocols, and standard operating procedures as a senior respiratory specialist underpins her scientific work. Time spent producing patient education tools, combined with teaching medical staff, forms the basis of a unique ability to translate complex medical material into easily understood articles. At the heart of Helen's writing is a promise to produce newsworthy, relevant, and engrossing material, while remaining true to scientific values forged during her time as a clinical respiratory specialist.


Helen has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Physiotherapy from Northumbria University and postgraduate qualifications in respiratory disease. 

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