There are several forms of hepatitis. Learn the differences between viral and non-infectious types so that you can better prevent or manage them day-to-day.
Patient with doctor
Choosing a Hepatologist vs. a Gastroenterologist
Doctor Taking Blood
How Long Hepatitis Viruses Can Live Outside the Body
Technician holding blood sample
Hepatitis Types, Symptoms, and Treatments
Explore the Different Types of Viral Hepatitis
The hepatitis C virus.
Worldwide Hepatitis Statistics
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Why Choose a Hepatologist Over a Gastroenterologist
Close up of jaundiced eyes.
Symptoms of Hyperbilirubinemia (Elevated Bilirubin)
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The Immune System and Its Role in Hepatitis
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Being an Organ Donor If You Have Hepatitis
How Do Microbes Make People Sick With Hepatitis?
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The Many Vital Functions of the Liver
An illustration of the liver in the body
How Bile Helps Your Digestion
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Liver Failure: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment
Hepatitis B positive
HBsAg or Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test
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How Hepatitis E Is Different From Other Viruses
Needle sharing is one way Hepatitis B spreads.
How Is Hepatitis B Transmitted?
Hepatitis B virus, illustration
What You Need to Know About Hepatitis B and Your Eyes
Hepatitis B Image
How Do I Get Tested for Hepatitis B/HBV?
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Hepatitis B Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Coping
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Is Hepatitis A the Same as Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B virus
The Digestive Disease Known as Hepatitis B
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How Does the Hepatitis A Virus Spread?
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How Celiac Disease Makes the Hepatitis B Vaccine Less Effective
idsection Of Overweight Man Against White Background
Peritoneal Fluid in Hepatitis Infections
Joint pain
The Link Between Arthritis, Arthralgia, and Hepatitis
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Digestive System Anatomy for Hepatitis Patients
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Symptoms and Signs of Acute Viral Hepatitis
jaundice of the sclera (white of the eye)
Symptoms of Jaundice in Viral Hepatitis
Doctor showing CT scan to patient
The Link Between Hepatitis and Liver Cancer
Nurse scanning patient's thyroid gland
Hepatitis and Thyroid Disease: What's the Link?
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What to Do If You Have HIV and Viral Hepatitis
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Myalgia as a Symptom of Viral Hepatitis
Mavyret (glecaprevir and pibrentasvir)
Treating Hepatitis C With Mavyret (glecapravir, pibrentasvir)
Medical Tourism: Getting Hep C Medicine From India
Tenofovir pills on table
Treating Hepatitis B With Tenofovir
Paperwork with Hepatitis A and B listed
Treating Hepatitis B With Entecavir