High Blood Pressure

Living With High Blood Pressure

Learn how to lower your high blood pressure by making small changes to your diet and exercise habits. Embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle may improve—possibly even lengthen—your life.

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Is Tea Good for Your Blood Pressure?
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What is Sodium?
Hypertension in the Elderly
Living Well With Hypertension
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How to Lose Weight With Exercise When You Have High Blood Pressure
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How to Get a More Accurate Blood Pressure Reading
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Salt Restriction For Hypertension
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Discover If It's Normal for Your Blood Pressure to Fluctuate
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What Should Your Blood Pressure Be After Exercise?
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When Is the Best Time to Take Your Blood Pressure?
Taking Patient's Blood Pressure
JNC 8 and Hypertension
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Ten Foods You Can Avoid for Healthy Blood Pressure
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Uncontrolled Hypertension Increases the Risk of Chronic Disease
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Lifestyle Changes for High Blood Pressure: Can You Get Off Medication?
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How Different Foods May Be Negatively Affecting Your Blood Pressure
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Do L-Arginine Supplements Actually Lower Blood Pressure?
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How to Choose an Antidepressant When You Have High Blood Pressure
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Should Taking Blood Pressure Medication Before Surgery Be Avoided?
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How to Adjust Your Target Heart Rate If You Take Beta Blockers
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Why Your High Blood Pressure Medicine Might Be Causing Other Problems
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How Does the Pheochromocytoma Tumor Impact High Blood Pressure?
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Measuring Blood Pressure in Children
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How a Massage May Help Naturally Lower Your High Blood Pressure
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Can Fish Oil Fend Off Blood Pressure Troubles?
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Connection Between Water Softeners and High Blood Pressure
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How to Keep a Blood Pressure Log
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5 Common Drugs That Could Raise Your Blood Pressure
Can Meditation Help Lower Your Blood Pressure and Boost Heart Health?
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Can a Change in Climate Improve Your Blood Pressure?
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The 3 Main Foods to Avoid When You're on a High Blood Pressure Diet
Managing High Blood Pressure Before, During, and After Surgery
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How Can Eating Too Much Salt Impact Your Blood Pressure?
Sleep deprivation and hypertension
When to Suspect Hypertension
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Why Normal Blood Pressure Is Critical to Your Health
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How Blood Pressure Damages the Kidneys and Causes Proteinuria
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Can Elevated Blood Pressure Actually Lead to Fewer Headaches?
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Renovascular Hypertension Causes and Diagnosis
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The Essentials for a High Blood Pressure Diet