Hip and Knee Surgical Procedures

Whether it's an arthroscopic procedure or joint replacement surgery, it's best to know as much as possible about a hip or knee procedure. Learn about your surgery and what to expect from recovery.
Model of a knee
Types of Surgery to Prevent Kneecap Dislocations
man holding hip in pain on a couch
Alternatives to Hip Replacement Surgery
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Microfracture Surgery for Stimulating Cartilage Growth in Your Joints
Know the Risks of Hip and Knee Replacement Before Surgery
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Cartilage Transplant Surgery in the Knee
Your Meniscus May Be Able to Heal Itself Without Surgery
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Discover the Best Joint Replacement Surgeons and Hospitals
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The Best Anesthesia for Joint Replacement Surgery
Knee arthroscopy
Here's What Can Go Wrong During a Knee Arthroscopy
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How to Remove Bone Spurs From the Hip Joint With Surgery
What Types of Surgery Are Used to Treat Knee Injuries?
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Is ACI the Right Way to Repair Your Knee Cartilage?
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5 Reasons Why Your Knee Can Still Hurt After Arthroscopic Surgery
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Is Knee Osteotomy an Alternative to Total Knee Replacement for You?
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Is Hip Resurfacing a Good Option for Your Arthritis?
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Am I Too Old for Joint Replacement?
Is the Cadaver Tissue Used in Surgery Safe?
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Learn About the Risks of Delaying Your Joint Replacement Surgery
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If You Want Microfracture Surgery to Work, Pay Attention to This
What to Do Before Joint Replacement Surgery