Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is not something to take lightly and it's important to weigh your options. Educate yourself about the procedure and the rigorous therapy it requires.
knee injection
Injections Before Joint Replacement May Cause Infection
nurse helping patient walk with canes
Hip Replacement Surgery: Recovery
Hip pain on couch
Are Hip Replacements that Squeak a Problem?
Woman walking with a cane
Hip Replacement Surgery: Long-Term Care
Orthopaedic surgeon and nurse with replacement hip stem
Certain Uncommon Factors Can Cause Hip Replacement Prosthesis to Fail
Orthopaedic surgeon and nurse with replacement hip stem
Facts About Ceramic Hip Replacement Surgery
Dislocated hip replacement, X-ray
Dislocation of a Hip Replacement Implant
hip rehab
What Movement Restrictions Are There After Hip Replacement?
hip replacement implant
What Type of Hip Replacement Implant Is Best?
spine surgery
Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery
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Is Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Better?
Doctor examining osteoporosis on an x-ray.
Leg Length Discrepancy After Hip Replacement
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Why Material Matters With Hip Replacement
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Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Problems
X-ray illustration of hip replacement
Prevent Hip Replacement Dislocation
X-ray illustration of hip replacement
Hip Replacement Implant Loosening Symptoms
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Hip Replacement Surgery in Young Patients
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Outpatient Total Hip Replacement Surgery