Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is not something to take lightly and it's important to weigh your options. Educate yourself about the procedure and the rigorous therapy it requires.
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Injections Before Joint Replacement May Cause Infection
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Recovering From Hip Replacement Surgery
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What's the Noise Coming From Your Artificial Hip?
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Long-Term Care After Hip Replacement Surgery
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Complications of Hip Replacement Surgery
Orthopaedic surgeon and nurse with replacement hip stem
Is Ceramic Hip Replacement a Good Option for Younger People?
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One Complication of Hip Replacement Surgery You Want to Prevent
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What Movements Are Restricted After Hip Replacement?
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How to Find the Best Hip Replacement Implant
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Mini Hip Replacement With Just Small Incisions and an X-Ray
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Is Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Better?
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Are Your Legs Different Lengths After Having a Hip Replacement?
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Why the Bearing Surface Is Critical to Hip Replacement Longevity
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Why Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements Are Made to Fail
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When The Hip Replacement Ball Comes Out Of The Socket
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Hip Replacement Loosening Symptoms and Why Implants Wear out Over Time
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How Young Is Too Young for Hip Replacement?
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Can Hip Replacement Be an Outpatient Surgery?