HIV/AIDS Causes and Risk Factors

Unprotected sex and IV drug use will increase your risk for contracting HIV. It's important to practice smart habits and explore risk factors to avoid.

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What Is the Risk of HIV From Vaginal Sex?
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How STDs Can Increase the Risk of HIV Infection
How Genital Shedding Increases the Risk of HIV
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What Is the Risk of Getting HIV From a Needlestick Injury?
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The Risk of HIV in Mixed-Status Couples
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Can HIV Be Spread Through Casual Contact?
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What Is HIV Viral Load and Why Is It Important?
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What to Do If You Are Accidentally Exposed to HIV
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HIV in Heterosexual Couples
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The Relationship Between Blood Type and HIV
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How Do Other STDs Increase HIV Risk?
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Can I Get HIV from Oral Sex?
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HIV Envelope Proteins
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Can You Get HIV From a Tattoo or Body Piercing?
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What Is the Risk of HIV From Anal Sex?
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Can You Get HIV From Kissing?
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Why Nurses Always Wear Gloves
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What Should I Do If a Condom Breaks?
SYLK Bio-Sustainable Lube
Could Your Personal Lubricant Increase Your HIV Risk?
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Can Douching Increase Your Risk of HIV?
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Can You Get HIV From a Mosquito Bite?
World AIDS Awareness
HIV Statistics in the United States and Globally
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Why Do Gay Men Have an Increased Risk of HIV?
Can Menstruation Increase a Woman's HIV Risk?
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The Best Reasons to Discuss HIV With Your Teen Now
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HIV Risk Without Ejaculation During Sex
Does HIV Treatment as Prevention Work?
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HIV Risk in Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM)
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The Impact of HIV on Women and What Can Be Done
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Dangers and Signs of Crystal Meth Use
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How Serosorting Affects HIV Risk
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Why 50% of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV