Living With HIV/AIDS

Having a positive attitude and taking steps to stay healthy can make an impact on your life with HIV. Discover the things you can do every day to live well.
Woman Running
Issues of Being Overweight and HIV Positive
A dentist giving an oral exam to their patient
Why Oral Health Matters If You Have HIV
couple walking
Healthy Aging Tips for People With HIV
man smoking cigarette blowing out smoke
5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Smoking If You Have HIV
sad business woman
Overcoming the HIV Stigma
White blood cell flowing in the bloodstream with red blood cells.
Why Can't I Get My CD4 Count Up?
Vaccine administration
Twinrix Combination Hepatitis A and B Vaccine
Nurse drawing blood from a man's arm
How Often to Have Your CD4 Count and Viral Load Tested
High Cholesterol and Triglycerides in HIV Infection
A passport that has different marking on it
Which Countries Restrict Travel to People With HIV?
Cropped view of sonographer giving pregnant patient ultrasound scan
Choosing to Have Children When HIV Positive
Sun shining on woman's face
HIV Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency
man shopping for vitamins
Can Nutritional Supplements Help Fight HIV?
couple talking with doctor
Serodiscordant Couple Overview
Blood test, test tubes in a centrifuge
How Important Is Your CD4/CD8 Ratio?
pills on spoon
The 5 Signs of Medical Quackery
Cropped shot of senior woman with hands on knee
How HIV Causes Premature Aging
3 Over the Counter Drugs That Undermine HIV Therapy
Symbolic photo with two hands - young helping elder one
The Connection Between Premature Aging and HIV
HIV testing
Which HIV Tests Are the Most Accurate?
Airport security line
Tips for Traveling with Prescription Drugs
Doctor and patient talking
How to Select the Right HIV Doctor
Baby nursing
Breastfeeding Risk With HIV, Hepatitis, or Herpes
HIV Support Group
The 7 Best HIV Support Groups of 2021