Career Options in a Hospital

Should you work in a hospital? Hospital employment continues to grow, as demands for healthcare services grows as well. When you think of hospital careers, you probably think about nurses and doctors, which are two examples of great hospital careers. However, there are so many more types of hospital employees. If you don't wish to be a doctor or a nurse, there are plenty of hospital career options for you for just about any education level or area of interest.

Some hospitals are large, some are small, and just like any other employer, each hospital has its own culture and work environment, some better than others. In choosing an employer, you will want to find a hospital that best suits your personality and work ethic.



Doctor with a child patient

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A hospital without physicians is a very sterile hotel. Physicians are key to the provision of healthcare and medical treatment at a hospital. Doctors are the ones who diagnose the patient and perform the procedures or surgeries necessary to heal the patient. Doctors cannot effectively do their jobs without all the other professionals at the hospital listed below. Not all physicians work at hospitals, but many do, and some physicians only work at hospitals, such as hospitalists.



Nurse checking an IV bag in a hospital room
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Hospitals employ many different types of nurses, from LVN/LPNs to advanced practice nurses. Additionally, there are many different specialties of nurses employed at a hospital.


Healthcare IT (Information Technology)

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Due to recent advances in technology, and government legislation requiring meaningful use of EMR, many hospitals are significantly expanding their IT staff. Hospitals hire a variety of health IT professionals, some of whom have a clinical background, and some have a general IT background. There are a variety of skills and certifications hospitals need in their health care IT staff. They need network administrators, trainers, implementation specialists, and more.


Medical Receptionist

Receptionist checking in patient

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Medical receptionist is one of many administrative and support careers in a hospital setting. While many hospitals have automated voice systems, there are several departments that need a live person to answer the phone and provide information or direct calls to the proper location.


Allied Health Careers

Female technologist performing ultrasound on patient

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Various healthcare technicians and technologists of all types are needed at hospitals as well. These roles are often referred to as allied health care. Allied healthcare professionals interact directly with patients but they are not doctors or nurses.

A few examples of allied healthcare professionals are cardiovascular technologists (CVT), ultrasound techs, and surgical tech.


Hospital Executive or Administrator

hospital administrator team

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Hospital executives and administrators are responsible for managing all operations of the hospital. The Chief Executive Officer is the head of the hospital, and the remaining executives report up to the CEO. Other executive roles include CFO (chief financial officer) which manages all the accounting and financial aspects of the hospital, COO (chief operations officer), CMO (chief medical officer, who manages clinical staff), CNO, (chief nursing officer), CIO, (chief information officer). Not every hospital has the exact same roles on their executive team, but those are a few of the most common hospital executive roles.

Some roles, like CNO or CMO, may require a clinical background while others require a healthcare, business or management background with a master's degree such as an MBA or MHA.


Hospital Recruiter

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Hospitals need recruiters too. Recruiters help to advertise job openings, source qualified candidates, and manage the interview process. Some hospitals employ multiple recruiters, such as one recruiter for physicians, one for non-clinical, and one for clinical non-physician staff.


Other Hospital Jobs

Janitor cleaning the corridor of a hospital
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In addition to the hospital careers listed above, there are many types of ancillary hospital jobs such as cleaning/janitorial services, gift shop, food services, parking attendant, and more. A great way to learn about hospital careers and test out a hospital's work environment is to volunteer at a hospital.

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