Hot Weather Protection for Hearing Aids

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There are several hazards hearing aids face in the summertime due to the weather, including:

  • Humidity from increased rain
  • Moisture from sweating
  • Accidental falls into swimming pools
  • Damage or loss during play as formerly house-bound youngsters rush outside

Ways to Protect Hearing Aids

To keep an active child from losing his hearing aid while playing outside, use holding products like Huggie Aids, Critter Clips, or SafenSound. Some parents have also come up with their own creative methods for keeping a child's hearing aids in place.

You can protect a hearing aid from rain, sweat, and humidity by using a protective wrapper like Super Seals. Another option is to purchase an extra set of hearing aids that are waterproof or water-resistant. More companies, such as Rion ( and Eurion ( are making water-resistant hearing aids.

More Protection Suggestions

To protect against sweat, create a 'wrap' of a paper towel or napkin—just enough to absorb the sweat.

If you're going to amusement parks, take along a zippered plastic bag to use as a waterproof container for the hearing aids. This will keep them dry on water rides and also enable you to keep them with you during a roller-coaster ride.

Keeping hair short can help as longer hair may allow more sweat to enter the hearing aid.

If Your Hearing Aid Does Get Wet

Devices such as a Dri-Aid from Hal-Hen or a Dry and Store are meant for removing moisture from hearing aids. They are not intended for salvaging wet hearing aids. However, it may be possible to salvage wet hearing aids by using these kits.

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