How to Keep Exercise Exciting When You Have a Thyroid Condition

Women doing aerobics
Vegterfoto/Stocksy United

Do you need an extra push to stay excited about exercise? When you have a thyroid condition, you are just as susceptible to exercise boredom as everyone else. You know the importance of staying committed to fitness, but that may not be enough to actually get you onto the treadmill or into the gym. Use these tips from fellow thyroid patients who have mastered the art of enjoying regular workouts

1. Hire a Trainer to Motivate You and Teach You How to Exercise Right

A few sessions with a personal trainer can be a worthwhile investment in your fitness. A trainer can design an exercise program that is specific to your needs and abilities. She can also show you exactly how to perform exercises. You will get a program that will use your time most effectively. Use this advice on how to choose a personal trainer.

2. Exercise with Friends

When you exercise with friends, you are keeping each other committed to showing up and working out. Beyond that benefit, you can also entertain each other with chatter to take your mind off the effort and encouragement to keep going. You can invite your friends along or make new friends at your fitness center.

3. Music

Music is a classic way to take you mind off your workout. You can find music mixes, playlists, and channels that are specific to the pace or intensity of your workout. No matter what type of music you prefer, you can find one with the beat that will get you going.

4. Audiobooks and Podcasts

You can learn or be entertained during your workout with audiobooks or podcasts. You can find free sources of audiobooks from your local library or buy them through Podcasts are another way to engage your mind during your workout. You may want to keep going to get through a chapter or episode.

5. Set Goals and Concentrate on Results

If you set exercise goals you will be more motivated to do your workouts and achieve them. A goal can be the number of workouts you do each week, the minutes or distance (running, walking, cycling) of your workouts, the speed you develop or weight you can lift. Track your workouts to see your progress.

6. Use an Exercise Program App, Book, Video, or Online

Following a program can get you past being confused about where to start, what exercises to include, and how to perform them. There are a multitude of ways to enjoy a program. Exercise apps are a great way to take your program with you. You can go old-school with a book or video. Once you find your interest waning, switch to a new app to reinvigorate yourself.

7. Get Outside for Your Walk, Run, or Bike

If you've been logging miles on the treadmill or stationary cycle, bust out into the outdoors for a change. If you can find a green space, park, or woods, that is even better for relieving stress.

8. Change Your Pace

If you walk for exercise, try speed walking. Or, you can add running intervals and progress from walking to running. Try a spinning class as a break from a solo cycling workout.

9. No Exercise, No Video

Watching a movie or favorite television show can be a good way to distract yourself on the treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stationary cycle. Make yourself a vow that you can only watch while you are exercising.

10. Try an Exercise Class

Check what exercise classes are offered at local gyms and fitness centers and give a few of them a try. You may discover you love circuit training, Zumba, Barre, or boot camp workouts. You may be surprised with which classes excite you the most.

11. Walk More

Add more walking throughout your day. Wear a pedometer or fitness band to encourage yourself to log more steps. You may find it motivating to walk to the store and back rather than drive ​or pay a visit to someone rather than texting or calling them.

12. Take an Adventure Getaway or Vacation

Pick a national park or state forest to go for a one or two-hour hike next weekend. Rent a kayak and get lessons. Go to a climbing gym and learn the basics, then go bouldering. If it's winter, try cross country skiing or learn downhill skiing. If you've always wanted to ride a horse, buy lessons at a riding academy or schedule a dude ranch getaway. Look into bicycling tours.