How to Get Free Headgear During Chemotherapy

When you're heading into chemotherapy for breast cancer, be sure to have a plan in motion, in case of hair loss. If it appears that your hair will be taking a break while you're in treatment, gather up some headgear to top off your wardrobe. You may get help from your health insurance to pay for a wig, but if you don't, take heart. Here's how to get free wigs, hats, caps, and scarves during chemo for breast cancer. Save money and have fun with colors and styles until your hair comes back, and then donate your headgear for others to enjoy.


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Wearing a wig during cancer treatment provides great camouflage and insulation for heads left bare from the effects of chemotherapy. A good wig can help you maintain an appearance of health and normalcy — valuable things when you don't feel that great. Wigs can be expensive, and not everybody can afford a nice one. Why not look into these places that can help you get a free wig — then when you don't need it anymore, pass it on so others can enjoy it.


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For those days when a wig is just too hot, too much work, or takes too much time to style, a hat is a great alternative. Hats provide an island of personal shade when you need it — an oasis from the sun when you're photosensitive from chemotherapy. But nice hats can come with a hefty price tag unless you know of a great resale store, so why not get a free hat? Better yet, get a couple of free hats to boost your style during cancer treatment.


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Caps will stay put – unlike a brimmed hat, they won't betray you by blowing off on a windy day. A good, snug, soft cap helps you sleep in a cool room, keeps your head covered in public, and tops off your outfit with color. Caps can be used to anchor a hat or scarf on a bald scalp. You can find inexpensive caps on sale or at resale stores, but free caps are available, too. It's easy to find inexpensive and free caps if you know where to look.


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France Luxe offers a choice of 54 free scarves through their Good Wishes program. CEO Laurie Erickson created the complimentary scarf or headwrap program when a customer in chemotherapy asked what they had for women who were temporarily hair-free. Erickson designed these elegant scarves from "soft and silky, hand-picked breathable fabrics." Each scarf has been shaped and elasticized to create a cap shape, from which stream two colorful bands of cloth. Valued between $72 and $94, you will feel pampered and beautiful in a free scarf from France Luxe. Call the company at 888-884-3653 or email Laurie Erickson to ask about a free scarf to wear during chemotherapy.

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