How to Make a Dental Dam From a Condom - In Pictures

Tips for Safe Oral Sex

Dental dams are an important safe sex tool. If you're going to perform oral sex on a woman, or want to rim a partner of either gender, then you need a dental dam. This image gallery takes you step-by-step through the process of making a dental dam from a condom. It's easy, and it's important. Therefore, the step-by-step includes plenty of dental dam pictures -- both when it's complete and in progress. Remember, oral sex isn't safe sex.


What You Need To Make a Dental Dam From A Condom

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Making a dental dam from a condom is easy. All you need is the condom and a pair of scissors.

You can use a lubricated condom to make your dam. However, an unlubricated or flavored condom probably makes more sense. You should also check to see if your partner has a latex allergy. If they do, you'll want to choose a condom made of polyurethane or polyisoprene for your dental dam. As for your scissors, that's easier. All your scissors need to be is sharp.


Cut Off The Tip

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The first step in making a dental dam from a condom is to unroll it and cut off the tip.

For a nice rectangular dam, cut the tip off where the condom starts to decrease in width. That doesn't matter for practicality. However it can improve the aesthetics. 

Note: It's slightly easier to unroll the condom while it still has a tip, as shown in these photos.


Cut Down the Side

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The next step of making the dental dam is to cut down the side.

 If you aim for a straight line, your dam will be much shapelier... not to mention easier to use! Still, no one will mind if it's a little bit off. It's just slightly harder to grab when the dam is a triangle instead of a rectangle!


You've Made a Dental Dam!

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Congratulations, You've Made a Dental Dam! Wasn't that easy?

Making the dental dam is only the first step. The next one? Learning how to use it!

The nice thing about making a dental dam out of a condom is that if you leave the "rim" of the condom on, it's easy to make certain that you never flip the dam over while using it. Just make certain to always hold the "rolled" end in your dominant hand.


Holding the Dental Dam

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Hold the dental dam by both sides. Then position it as necessary to cover the skin you're licking.

You may find that it adds to your partner's pleasure if you put lube on the side of the dam that is facing them. That makes oral sex with a dam feel more natural. It's also important to keep track of which hand is holding the "rolled" edge of the dam. That will help to keep you from accidentally flipping the over the dam in the middle of your sexual escapade. Doing that renders its protection useless.


In Living Color

Don't worry! Using a dam will not block the sight or smell of your lover.

 A dam made from a condom is transparent enough to read through!

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