How to Make a Dental Dam From a Latex Glove

Oral sex can spread a number of STDs, including herpes and syphilis. It is easy to use condoms to make fellatio safer. However, you need a dental dam to protect yourself and your partner when performing other types of oral sex, such as cunnilingus and rimming. It's easy to make a dental dam using a condom, but there are other options. Some people may prefer to make a dental dam using a glove. Doing so gives you some interesting options for improving your safe oral sex technique. In addition, latex gloves are comparatively inexpensive and come in some very fun colors.


Collect Your Supplies

Gloves and scissors

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There are two easy ways to make a latex glove into a dental dam. The first way makes a dental dam that has convenient handles. You can put your fingers in them to hold the dam against your partner. The second technique makes a dental dam that also provides a safer way to play with insertion.

In either case, the only supplies you need to make a dental dam from a latex glove are:

  • A latex glove
  • A sharp pair of scissors

Cut off the Three Middle Fingers (Dental Dam With Handles)

fingers cut off a glove

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The first step to making a dental dam with handles is to cut the three middle fingers off of your glove. If you want, you can save the fingers to make finger cots. However, depending on the stretchiness of the glove, the detached fingers may not stay on terribly well.

In any event, I generally recommend using whole gloves over using finger cots if you're going to penetrate someone with your fingers or hands. Gloves are safer, they're much easier to find, and you don't actually lose all that much sensation.


Cut Down the Center of the Palm (Dental Dam With Handles)

finished dental dam

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The final step for making a dental dam with handles is to cut down the center of the palm from the wrist to where the middle finger used to be. This leaves you with a square with two handles... into which you can insert your thumbs to hold the dam more easily against your partner's body.


Cut the Four Fingers Off, Leaving the Thumb (Dam for Penetration)

fingers cut off a glove

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This next technique for making a dam from a glove is actually the one I prefer. It gives you more surface area. It also makes a dam more suitable for simultaneous penetration with either your tongue or one of your fingers.

To make this type of dental dam, start by cutting all four fingers off the top of the glove. Leave the thumb intact.


Slit up the Pinky Side of the Glove (Dam for Penetration)

finished dental dam

Elizabeth R. Boskey

After you have removed the four fingers, you will want to slit the glove along the fold line where the pinky was once attached. In other words, cut the edge of the glove farthest away from the thumb. This will leave you with a square that has a finger/thumb still attached. You can use that thumb to insert a finger, or your tongue, into your partner while the rest of the dam is used to protect the external genitalia.


Have Safe Oral Sex

couple in bed
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Once you've made a dental dam out of a glove, the only thing left to do is use it.

Remember, it's always a good idea to negotiate sexual activities in advance. This is particularly true if you want to engage activities such as rimming -- that your partner may neither want nor expect. However, it's a good idea to negotiate ANY sexual activity before you begin.

When you're having that talk, it's also a good time to discuss your sexual histories, STD status, and other risk factors. For example, you should talk about whether you have other partners. Doing so allows you both to make better decisions about how you want to proceed.

In the end, it's important to know that even though oral sex isn't safe sex, using barriers such as dental dams and condoms can make it a lot safer.

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