How to Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

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If you have a scheduled appointment for LASIK eye surgery, knowing how to prepare yourself will help you feel more at ease and increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Because our eyesight is so important, it is normal to experience fear and nervousness prior to surgery. Even though LASIK is a relatively safe procedure, you can do several things to prepare for your appointment.

Here's How

  1. On the day before surgery, stop using makeup, lotions, perfumes, or creams. These substances may cause debris to get into your eyes. Some surgeons request that you thoroughly wash your eyes to prevent any chance of infection. Also, get your finances in order and arrange for any LASIK services that need to be pre-paid.
  2. Take time off. Arrange to take time off from work for at least a couple of days to allow your eyes to heal. While some people return to their normal lives quickly, ask your surgeon how many days of rest he recommends.
  3. Arrange for transportation after the surgery. You won't be able to drive, so you'll need to arrange for a way to get home. It may take several days to adjust to the change in your vision.
  4. On the day of surgery, eat a light meal before leaving for your appointment. Most surgeons will allow you to take any prescription medications as normal.
  5. Dress comfortably and casually. Don't wear bulky clothes or accessories, especially in your hair. You don't want anything to interfere with position your head under the laser. Wear something casual so you won't need to change once you return home to rest.
  6. Relax. It's normal to feel some anxiety before having LASIK, but your surgeon will try to ease your fears before he begins the procedure. Some people require anti-anxiety medication. If you feel like you need it, ask your surgeon. He will want you to be as calm as possible.


  1. Arrange for prompt transportation. A LASIK procedure typically takes only about 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. If you are concerned about pain, talk to your surgeon. LASIK shouldn't hurt, but you may feel slight pressure from the laser.
  3. Some LASIK patients go back to work the day after their procedure, but many surgeons suggest taking at least a couple of days to rest. Make sure you keep your expectations realistic. This is especially important if you work outdoors, as you need to keep your eyes as clean as possible.
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