How to Take Care of Your Skin

Revamp Your Skincare Routine

The older we get, the more important skin care seems to become. Taking proper care of your skin can keep you looking radiant and youthful for years to come. The dozens of helpful articles listed below offer tips on how to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays, how to navigate the confusing world of skincare products, how to address the cosmetic changes that occur over time and more.


The Basics of Skincare

Wrinkled Hands
Wrinkled Hands. Nurcholis Anhari Lubis / Stringer / Getty Images

Like it or not, beauty is often determined by the health of your skin since it's what we see first. The good news is that if you feel self-conscious about your skin, it can usually be fixed. Find out what's going on with your skin at a microscopic level and learn what you can do to keep it in tip-top shape.


Navigating the World of Skincare Products

Dermatologist. Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

How do you know which products to buy to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing? Are more expensive choices really better? Did you know you could be causing damage to your skin by using the wrong skincare products? I know, it's all very confusing.

These helpful articles offer a doctor's perspective on choosing the right skincare products for you, cutting through all the marketing hype:


How to Pick the Best Facial Cleanser for You

Did you know that the soap you use to wash your body is too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face? Please put down that bar of soap and trade it in for something better. Unlike "combination" and "oily" skin types, "dry" isn't a type of skin. It's actually caused by external factors like the weather, hot baths and, you guessed it, harsh ingredients.

Does your face feel tight after you wash it? That means your cleanser is too harsh. After cleansing, your skin should feel like it always does. Cleansers with harsh, chemical ingredients completely strip the skin of its natural moisturizers.

There are some great facial cleansers out there, and some I wouldn't dare touch with a 10-foot washcloth. See where your current cleanser falls:


Skincare & the Sun: A Hate-Hate Relationship

Sun Bathing
Sun Bathing. Morne de Klerk / Stringer / Getty Images

The sun hates your skin and your skin hates the sun. It's true: the sun destroys your skin, can shorten your life and can make you look older than you really are. Find out everything you need to know about taking care of your skin in the sun:

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