How to Talk About Psoriasis

Our Conversation Coach Can Help

Coping with the emotional and physical effects of psoriasis can be difficult—not just for the nearly 8 million Americans who have the disease, but also for those around them.

Friends and loved ones may not realize the various aspects of the disease. It helps to be able to share your experiences with them. You may have to reply to their questions and comments or proactively start a conversation on the topic. In either case, these conversations are tough to have, but they are vital ones. By opening up about psoriasis and the challenges it brings, you have an opportunity to help your loved one understand, and it is possible that they would want to offer you the support you truly need.

Learn how to effectively discuss living with psoriasis with your partner or friend or colleague. Our Conversation Coach will simulate real chats to provide you with clear talking points that will help you start the conversation, clear misunderstandings, and more.

By Lana Barhum
Lana Barhum has been a freelance medical writer since 2009. She shares advice on living well with chronic disease.