A colon with several inflamed areas

Conditions Related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A number of conditions, like arthritis and psoriasis, can coexist with IBD. Explore how these can affect your symptoms and learn how to better manage them.
Illustration of a blocked artery - stock illustration
When People With IBD Should Be Concerned About Blood Clots
Why Psoriasis and IBD May Occur Together
Pensive pregnant woman holding stomach in examination room
How Having IBD Impacts a Woman's Ability to Get Pregnant
Senior Adult Woman Filling Out Paperwork
What Causes Short Bowel Syndrome and How It's Treated
Doctor speaks to a male patient about his fertility
IBD Can Have a Major Impact on Male Fertility
The gallbladder and bile ducts in situ
Acute Cholangitis Is an Infection Associated With Gallstones
Dermatologist examining patient's skin
Are People With IBD At Risk of Developing Skin Cancer?
Is There a Link Between Arthritis and IBD?
diversion colitis options
Diversion Colitis After Ostomy Surgery
Young woman sitting on sofa and touching her stomach.
What Happens When Your Intestines Become Blocked?
Young man brushing teeth in mirror.
IBD Can Bring Serious Problems to Your Teeth and Gums
ven diagram with IBS and IBD
If You Don't Have IBS, What Else Could Cause Your Symptoms?
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Does Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Put You at Risk for Anemia?
patient holding abdomen due to pain
How Common Is a Perforated Bowel in People With IBD?
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What Stool Is and Why Your Body Produces It
Woman holding medication
Donnatal Can Be Habit-Forming: Here's What You Need to Know
Pseudopolyps in Chronic Ulcerative Colitis
What Are Pseudopolyps in IBD?
Individual having an magnetic resonance enterography.
What Is Magnetic Resonance Enterography?
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How to Treat Fecal Incontinence From IBD
Dye is injected into the fistula before X-rays are taken
What Causes a Fistula?
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How Is Microscopic Colitis Diagnosed?
Uveitis Eye
The Eye Condition People with IBD Need to Watch out For
Glasses Of Water
How to Avoid Dehydration From IBD
Bloated woman on the couch
Intestinal Gas and Abdominal Bloating Are Annoying but Very Treatable
Woman with stomach ache lying on the sofa
What Is Creeping Fat and What Does It Have to Do With IBD?
Doctor examining arm of patient
How Erythema Nodosum Is Connected to IBD
Friends At Dinner
Tips for Eating out When You Have IBD
Closeup of bloodshot red eye
How Can IBD Affect Your Eyesight?
Otolaryngologist examines sore throat of senior patient
Are Mouth Ulcers a Complication of IBD?
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IBD Can Be Associated With Liver Disease
A woman sitting on her bed in stomach pain
Discover How Pyoderma Gangrenosum Could Be a IBD Complication
What Are Some Potential Complications of IBD?
Male holding stomach
Bloody Stools May Be a Sign of IBD
Close up of woman smoking a cigarette
How Smoking Affects Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis