A colon with several inflamed areas

Conditions Related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A number of conditions, like arthritis and psoriasis, can coexist with IBD. Explore how these can affect your symptoms and learn how to better manage them.
Pensive pregnant woman holding stomach in examination room
Understanding the Effects of IBD on Female Fertility
Senior Adult Woman Filling Out Paperwork
Short Bowel Syndrome: Proper Treatment and Diet
Doctor speaks to a male patient about his fertility
How IBD Affects Fertility in Men
The gallbladder and bile ducts in situ
Acute Cholangitis: Symptoms and Treatment
Dermatologist examining patient's skin
IBD and the Risk of Skin Cancer
Arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
diversion colitis options
What Is Diversion Colitis?
Young woman sitting on sofa and touching her stomach.
Bowel Obstruction: Overview and More
Young man brushing teeth in mirror.
The Effects of IBD on Your Teeth and Gums
ven diagram with IBS and IBD
How IBS Differs From Other Conditions
iron pills in a glass bowl
Anemia and Its Relationship With IBD
patient holding abdomen due to pain
What Is a Bowel Perforation?
A knit jacket with the applique of internal organs
Can There Be Something Wrong With Your Stool?
Woman holding medication
What You Need to Know About Donnatal
Pseudopolyps in Chronic Ulcerative Colitis
Pseudopolyps in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Magnetic Resonance Enterography: Purpose, Procedure, Results
woman Running To The Toilet
How to Treat Fecal Incontinence From IBD
Dye is injected into the fistula before X-rays are taken
Symptoms and Treatment for Fistulas
doctor laughing with her patient
Microscopic Colitis Causes, Signs, and Treatments
Uveitis Eye
Uveitis Eye Condition and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Glasses Of Water
Avoiding Dehyrdation From IBD
Bloated woman on the couch
How to Deal With Gas and Bloating Related to IBD
Shot of a young woman experiencing stomach pain on the sofa at home
Premenstrual Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Woman with stomach ache lying on the sofa
Learn What Creeping Fat Is in IBD
Doctor examining arm of patient
How Erythema Nodosum Is Connected to IBD
Woman staring out on a bench
The Link Between IBD and Depression
Friends At Dinner
Tips for Eating out When You Have IBD
Closeup of bloodshot red eye
The Connection Between Episcleritis and IBD
Otolaryngologist examines sore throat of senior patient
Mouth Ulcers (Aphthous Stomatitis) Related to IBD
Man taking his temperature at home
IBD and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)
A woman sitting on her bed in stomach pain
Pyoderma Gangrenosum as a Potential Complication of IBD
Intestinal Complications of IBD
Male holding stomach
Rectal Bleeding and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Close up of woman smoking a cigarette
The Effect of Smoking and Nicotine on IBD