A colon with several inflamed areas

Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Not everyone with IBD requires surgery. If your doctor does recommend it, prepare yourself and learn what to expect from the procedure and recovery process.
Surgical operating team performing surgery in modern hospital
6 Different Colectomy Surgeries Explained
Surgeons performing surgery on a patient
Preparing Yourself for Ileostomy Surgery
plastic medical colostomy bag lies in a gray paper box
A Simple Guide to Changing an Ostomy Appliance
Surgeons working
Do You Need A Colorectal Surgeon or Gastroenterologist?
Rectal Cuff Inflammation (Cuffitis) Overview
Nurse and Patient
What Is an Enterostomal Therapy Nurse?
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Overview of Safe Foods After J-Pouch Surgery
Anesthetic nurse in surgery
What to Know About Colostomy Surgery
Colostomy bag
The Differences Between an Ileostomy and a J-Pouch
Doctors performing surgery in operating room
What's It Like To Have A J-Pouch for IBD?
Finding A Toilet
One Woman's Story of Deciding To Have J-Pouch Surgery
3d illustration human body crohn's intestines infection with clipping path
Resection Surgery for Crohn's Disease
Daughter playing nurse to father in bed
Tips For Recovery from Abdominal Surgery
Female doctor showing male patient digital tablet in doctors office
How Common Is Crohn's Disease After J-Pouch Surgery?
Doctor holding hand of patient in operating room
J-Pouch Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis
model of rectum with hemorrhoids
Discharge From a Rectal Stump After Ileostomy
Couple Behind Umbrella
Do Men Become Impotent After Ostomy Surgery?
Doctor consulting patient in clinic
Why J-Pouches Aren't Done for Crohn's Disease
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Strengthening Abdominal Muscles After Surgery
Fruit In A Bowl Of Yogurt
Tips For Your New J-Pouch
Mother with stoma
Tips and Tricks for Living With a Stoma
A Stoma Requires Regular Attention After Surgery
Signs of a Problem With Your Stoma